Christmas Day in The Backroom - No Do$h
The festive response would be "Now that's a cracker!", but trade descriptions forbids me from telling porkies. That was terrible!
Christmas Day in The Backroom - Dynamic Dave
I had contemplated moving this to the current "Any motoring jokes?" thread, but as it is neither, I'll let it stand [purely because the boss posted it ;o) ]
Christmas Day in The Backroom - El Hacko
talking of parrots ....some of you may not have heard this splendid one:
Guy arrived home to find half ton of coal spread on his front lawn. Who cld hv done that? he wondered. I know, that parrott - clever s**, he's been on the phone again. Went indoors, grabbed the parrot out of his cage, pinned it against wall and threatened him with death unless he confessed. Didn't do it, didn't do it, insisted the hapless bird. You're a liar, screamed the owner. Went to get a hammer and nails, returned and pinned the parrot to the wall by his wings "until you confess".
Guy went out to start clearing up the coal. Parrot looked around the room, saw a crucifix on the oppsite wall and asked the bearded guy: How long you been there? 2003 years, came the reply. Jesus, how much coal did you order? says the bird.
Christmas Day in The Backroom - Civic8
Pity you didn`t but I don`t want to be banned from site
Christmas Day in The Backroom - mark
Well done HJ a good joke and a very good Christmas to you.

I have been coming here just about daily for 2 years or more and I am humbled by the opinions offered by the like of DVD. DL and MM (DL as was)plus of course the Mods.

This is a more or less unique site on the web and I hope it serves you well.

To all that lurk or post please continue to do so as I am truely additcted now,

A merry christmas one and all as they say

as ever

Christmas Day in The Backroom - mark
Sorry MM should be DW (as was) too much wine I'm afraid

To all of you that bother to post keep doing so you make this the best site on the web.

as ever

Christmas Day in The Backroom - autumnboy
Merry Christmas everyone, we must be mad looking at the computer on Christmas Day, unless everyone else is asleep from dinner?

Merry Christmas

Christmas Day in The Backroom - Pugugly {P}
Have a peaceful Christmas from all at PU towers.

SWMBO has bought me a wide brimmed hat exactly like HJ's. Brilliant sense of humour that one ! It could be the recognition
symbol we were all after !
Christmas Day in The Backroom - rg
I'm missing th epop-ups...

..nothing for at least 15secs...

If Mark is Mark from L.E., watch out for the Green R-reg XM estate in your neighbourhood for the next two days. It eats the bumps on Tamworth Road...


Christmas Day in The Backroom - Citroënian {P}
Merry Christmas to one and all (albeit 21 mins late). Well, have a happy new year anyway!

Still lurking.... ;-)


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