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Ford Galaxt TDI sluggish performance - Gary Weinstein
I have a 1998 (S reg) Ford Galaxy 1.9 TDI 110Bhp with 28,000 miles on the clock.
In mid-May 2001 I had the clutch & slave cylinder replaced (due to my wife's heavy foot). At the time of replacement the garage failed to reconnect the Turbo Charger in-let (?) pipe and on the way home the car was very sluggish with no acceleration and blowing black smoke. The car travelled about 30 miles to & from the garage before the problem was rectified, and since then the car has continued to be sluggish.
This was really highlighted during our summer holiday. When I was accelerating in low gears the car would initally accelerate but then dip at about 3000rpm before starting to accelerate again. It also reached a maximum speed in the lower gears about 10-20 miles per hour earlier than I expected, yet the revs would continue to increase even if the speed wouldn't.
In addition when I was on any sort of incline the car would lose power rapidly and if I dropped a gear to accelerate it had the opposite effect and just slowed the car even more.
The clutch does not feel as though it is slipping, so what could it be?
Re: Ford Galaxt TDI sluggish performance - Bill Doodson

If the engine revs more and the road speed does not increase the only answer is that the clutch is slipping.


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