Mondeo front tyres recommends - bikemade3
Anyone with a recommend for replacements for currently fitted Michelins 185/65 r14.They are wearing well, but that aside offer poor grip at this time of year great when dry and warm.Any positive reports of Avons/Dunlops/Goodyear Avons CR 322 on the rear and for the price they appear to be good just a bit dubious about putting them on the front.
Mondeo front tyres recommends - kithmo
If you are getting poor grip from michelins with more than 3mm of tread left then I would suspect some problem with the suspension. If you have less than 3mm tread left then you will find most branded tyres will give you more grip, after the obligatory running in period.
Mondeo front tyres recommends - Cyd
For several years in a row Goodyear Eagle Venturas were top of the heap for wet grip in Autocar tyre tests. My Bro fitted a set to his Honda Acccord on this basis and has been very pleased with them. I have Goodyear Eagle F1s which are fantastic in the wet, but I don't think they come in your size.
Mondeo front tyres recommends - tr7v8
When I had an S plated Ghia X, I discussed tyre choice with Service manager at local big Ford deaers who serviced mine. Worst in his opinion was Conti's followed by Michelins. Best was probably Goodyears or Bridgestones, Bridgies are now V expensive so mine went onto Goodyear F1s and was very good.

Mondeo front tyres recommends - JH
No one has mentioned Pirelli - P6000 are quiet, give good grip and wear well
Mondeo front tyres recommends - tr7v8
Funny you should say that thats what my Alfa now hason 3 wheels and they aren't bad. But not particularly out of choice just a very available reasonably priced tye these days.

Mondeo front tyres recommends - kurnal
I now have pirelli p6000 on my tdci zetec hatch and have been very pleased with them. Much more feel and response than the bridgestones they replaced. The car feels much more chuckable.
I have also driven cars with continentals- found them prone to tramlining and noisy, a heavy feel to the steering, and goodyear NCT2s which I rated highly, felt very much like the pirellis. But I do believe that you still have to make a choice between handling and tyre life, the softer rubbers giving much better grip especially in the wet but at the expense of tyre life.
I used to buy budget tyres but personally found them to give poor performance and short life.
Hey a final testimony to Pirelli quality- they were balanced with only a single tiny weight on the inside of each rim to balance the valve, no weights at all on the outside of the rim.

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