Mammoth motoring quiz - PR {P}
If you've got a few minutes, try this quiz out, I found it quite good,

(I only got 65!)
Mammoth motoring quiz - M.M
Gave up after 20 questions as Xmas preps took over.

Obviously I knew all the answers but it didn't always ask the right questions.

Mammoth motoring quiz - Doc
I only got 60.

Mammoth motoring quiz - GrumpyOldGit
Not playing. They demand your email address and I don't want even more spam, and certainly none from Vauxhall! :-)
Mammoth motoring quiz - Dynamic Dave
Not playing. They demand your email address....

Just put a spoof one in; something along the lines of not@todaythankq.byebye. Worked for me. Just make sure you don\'t end it in \".com , or .org\" in case you accidentally use someone else\'s real email address.
Mammoth motoring quiz - Wales Forester
50.....oh dear.

Mammoth motoring quiz - ajit
got 91 with the help of google and friends. Got caught on the daimler price, golf sales figures and some others
Mammoth motoring quiz - PhilW
I managed 65 and strangely got the Daimler price and Golf sales right - but only because they were good guesses! Mind you, there were a lot I didn't have a clue about and the guesses were not so good!

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