Rover 214 ticking noise - ian_yorkshire
This summer, the engine in my 1990 Rover 214 sometimes made a 'ticking' noise when running (from the cylinder block, not the injector), the speed of which varied with engine speed. It could happen when the engine was either cold or hot, and would seemingly randomly come and go. At the time I suspected it was the hydraulic tappets on their way out. After a search on the 'net, I read that the tappets could be making noise because of the engine oil being aerated, so I did a full oil / filter change and the problem was sorted. In the last few days, though, the noise has come back again, even though the car's only done around 1000 miles since the oil was changed.

Has anyone else had experience of this? I realise that with the car having done 107,000 miles it's probably time to get a new one but a lack of cash doesn't allow for this at the moment!


Rover 214 ticking noise - Robin the Technician
Hi Ian,
I suspect the problem with your engine is tht it is gunked up. My suggestion would be to buy 5ltrs of flushing oil and simply follow the instructions on the container. Once refilled it will probably go away. There is (as always) other reasons for the tick and this could well be a broken valve spring. I have come across this once before when stripping down a 'K' series engine for a similar noise. However, I think its more to do with the gunking up problem as it went away straight after an oil change.

Hope this helps

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Rover 214 ticking noise - king arthur
Have you checked the oil level? Sometimes just a low level can make these engines produce a ticking noise.
Rover 214 ticking noise - Spanner Jack
A common fault with the 214 is the exhaust manifold leaking.
This will also give a ticking noise and come and go with altering engine temperature..

Look for sooty marks where the exhaust meets the cylinder head.
Rover 214 ticking noise - ian_yorkshire
Thanks for the replies.

I forgot to mention in my original post that I used flushing oil during the oil change this summer. That combined with the new oil / filter made the noise go away. The fact that it's returned after only 1k miles or so of driving is what's worrying me. If it is due to gunking up, what's likely to be causing it in such a short space of time?

As for the oil level, it gets checked every week or so, and although the engine does lose a small amount of oil, I never let the level go below half, and for the vast majority of the time it's just about full.

I'll also check the exhaust manifold for leaks, although to be honest I can't say I've noticed any sooty deposits.

Thanks for your help,

Rover 214 ticking noise - Civic8
I have a 414i that`s just started doing it.Only since this cold weather though.But doe`s sound like tappet`s I can`t find anything else wrong so if it is that on your`s wouldn`t worry for a while.Mine has only done 66k on an N plate so after reading the mileage your`s has done it is doing ok.And ps it is possible you are able to hear the injectors working as I had that on an earlier K reg 414 sli and have heard it on other`s the problem is you can`t hear the injectors when your ear is close to them but it seems to echo around the block/or inside the car while sitting behind the wheel.Although it`s annoying it is nothing to worry about.In fact a mate bought my K reg and is still going strong hope that helps
Rover 214 ticking noise - Big John
Try using WYNN's engine flush additive before the next oil change. This used to fix a dodgy tappet on my Passat 1.6TD for 15,000 miles or so.
Rover 214 ticking noise - ian_yorkshire
mech1 - Now you come to mention it, the noise did first surface towards the back end of summer, when the mornings could be pretty chilly, so it may well be a cold weather related problem. It may well just be that the oil isn't lubricating the tappets properly when cold, but the fact that it can come and go no matter whether the engine is hot or cold seems to contradict that. The car has been in the family since it was 6 months old, and the injector has always made some amount of noise, but it's only really been noticeable when you listen carefully from outside, or when the bonnet's up. This noise is in addition to the injector noise, and is much worse - think the sort of ticking metallic noise the old mk3 fiestas and some escorts make all the time.

If it gets through the MOT (today...!), I'll give it another go with flushing oil, and hopefully that'll get rid of it for another couple of thousand miles.
Rover 214 ticking noise - Civic8
That should not cause an M.O.T failure.It doe`s sound like tappet`s and could from what you have said be a possible oil pump problem as it comes and goe`s.As you have already given the flushing I doubt another attempt will affect it.The same thing can occur if the tappets are worn.I think that more likely but once they start it is not normally poss to prevent them wearing more but it doe`s occur slowly enough time to get them sorted around 3/6 months depends on mileage

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