Hard Seats - VG
Has anyone else had this problem please? If so, what did you do?
My aged (79 & 80) parents bought a new 206 & love it *except* for the firmness of the seats. (Incidentally, I thought it was just their age & wanting comfort, but I tried it recently & agreed with them.) The dealers say "That's the way the seats are" & show no interest. I recently test drove a Chrysler Neon & it was so much more comfortable, albeit the 206 is a more modern looking car...

My parents really can't afford to lose £2,500-3,000 on a trade-in(reflects offers from dealers) to get a different car.
Ideas anyone please?

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Peugeot 206: Hard Seats - billy25
i think that you can buy "tailored" air pocketed cushions from some autopart dealers,which fit the car seat and back, this may be a cheaper way to go,especially if your parents like the car.

Peugeot 206: Hard Seats - VG
Thanks for that Billy.
We'll look into that. Sounds much more economic than a trade-in :-)
Vinden (VG)
Peugeot 206: Hard Seats - Andrew-T
VG - as billy says, add-ons are available. Much of the problem will be because the seats are new and they "should ride up with wear".

After a long run of 205s, I liked the idea of a 206 Garros, bought one with 13K and 18 months old, and couldn't stand (sit) the leather seats after 2 months and 3000 miles. Nor the tight pedal box. Swopped it for a 306 a year older, at no cost. So if your parents decide to do something similar it needn't cost them either.

I don't know which model your parents have - I find the velour seats in the GLX more comfortable.

Peugeot 206: Hard Seats - BB
I have been involved with the production of car seats for a fair few years. The foam will soften again after time (it is soft when first bought, then goes hard after a period of 1-3 months.)

You have to bed them in.

Peugeot 206: Hard Seats - VG
Many thanks for the input BB.
Useful to hear from an "insider"...
My nephew also has a 206 & he said much the same after 6 months or so. Wasn't sure if it was him "imagining" it, but your comments bear it out.
Vinden (VG)
Peugeot 206: Hard Seats - VG
Hi & thanks for that.
My wife had a 306 XSI which we found very comfortable I agree & a joy to drive.
My parents' car is a 206 LX.
We'll try the options suggested here:
1. Add-ons to cushion the seats, if continued use doesn't soften them (subsequent post)
2. A 306
Many thanks folks!
Vinden (VG)
Peugeot 206: Hard Seats - M.M
Hmm it's obviously down to taste but I find the 206/306 seats broadly in the same comfort group.

It would be possible to get those cheapo cussions/pads from Halfords but if it is that serious that they would change a car they otherwise like then there is a proper option...

You can get some superb tailored lambswool full seat covers that have such a deep pile they impart a real feeling of softness and comfort to a firm seat. They are the sort of thing you might see in a top MB or Rolls.

I think they cost about £500 a pair and come in all colours.

Peugeot 206: Hard Seats - daveyjp
They must have changed the seats because I've always found 206 seats to be far too soft and unsupportive resulting in back ache for me very quickly.
Peugeot 206: Hard Seats - Andrew-T
VG - if your parents' car is 'new' they won't find any 306 hatches recent enough to replace it with (the very last were on a Y-plate I think). If they would prefer a new model they may have to think of something else.

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