Where's the Rover 45 replacement?! - arnold2
Reading the AutoExpress article on the woes of the 'new' Indicar Rover thing, and HJ's listing of the price on the new FIAT Panda - effectively putting Rover's pricing to shame, what happened to the 25/45 replacement, based on the Rover TCV concept ? I know the deal with the Chinese company Brilliant went off; didn't they outsource the production design of this car to another company that went bust or something ? How has it taken them so long to do this ?

Seems mad - Rover putting lots of effort into V8 MG's, funny Indian small cars etc - when Joe Public would like a Focus sized car !!

Anyone have that funny feeling we are seeing the last gasps of British-owned volume car production here !
Where's the Rover 45 replacement?! - king arthur
It won't be here until 2005. Engineering has apparently been completed but not the exterior, as MGR are now talking to another Chinese company about cooperating on it. However, there are other things in the pipeline...

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