Engine flooding - Audi A6 - Nsar
Anyone hazard a guess as to a problem with flooding. I had to move my auto A6 a few yards from cold yesterday and was distracted and foolishly turned the engine off, so it was flooded when I came to re-start a few hours later. It's an auto so I had to call the RAC who gave up after two hours of trying to re-start it.
Engine flooding - Audi A6 - madf
Answer: place in small or warm garage, Place electric fan heater under engine compartment with air blasting up into engine comaprtment: bonnet closed.

Leave for 24 hours..

When nicely warm try again.. petrol may have evaporated.. and with warm engine ECU will stop trying to flood it with neat petrol..

Tried it twice (Rover 800/BMW320i). Works///


Engine flooding - Audi A6 - Victorbox
My Dad recently took the plugs out of a seemingly flooded engine and put then in a warm oven for 20 minutes or so to dry the out. Either the moisture or the petrol evaporated and using thick gloves he popped them back in while they were still warm and the non-starting engine fired up immediately. While this doesn't fix your A6 problem it might save waiting 2 hours.
Engine flooding - Audi A6 - Smartdealer
"foolishly turned the engine off" Although it isn't good to do this often there really is no reason for a modern car not to be able to take this kind of treatment now and again! For it to just stop and effectively "break down" is ridiculous when you think about it!

Anyway to the flooding issue. I've had some success (with a BMW) in the past with taking out the plugs and letting them dry out. I agree though, a very frustrating problem.
Engine flooding - Audi A6 - Nsar
It's just that I had the same problem a few months back, but to be fair I had moved it 10 yards twice in an afternoon that time but I swore I'd never do it again. It's nearly 8yrs old with 107,000 so it's no spring chicken!

Thanks for all the suggestions thus far!
Engine flooding - Audi A6 - DL
Remove the fuel pump fuse or relay and attempt to start the engine with a wide open throttle. This should ensure a start.

Obviously refit the fuse/relay when the engine fires and then peters out, due to lack of fuel!
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