Opel or Vauxhall - Big Cat
We are looking at getting a Corsa 1.7DTi as our main car. On the continent, all Vauxhalls are badged Opels. What are the differnces between the Opel and Vauxhall Corsa? Is it just the badges or are there differences to the engines, ECUs etc? I am worried that if we break down in France, will the Opel dealer be able to deal with a Vauxhall? Will their diagnostics be able to read Vauxhall codes etc?
Opel or Vauxhall - Victorbox
Our 2002 Vauxhall Corsa owner's manual says it can serviced anywhere in Europe by Opel so I assume the chips speak a common language. As far as I know they all burp out of the same Spanish manufacturing plant. I suspect the Vauxhalls may have better trim levels but the Opels may be cheaper. Vauxhall now tend to tune suspensions for UK roads but apart from this and trim levels I suspect they are pretty similar. I certainly can't fault our Corsa - the build quality is first rate & so far (15 months) the car has been fault free. Very cheap main dealer first service too.


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