Cavalier Mark 3 clutch cable - Philter
Has anyone any ideas or tricks as to how to get the clutch cable end hook through the top end of the pedal on a 1991 Cavalier Mk 3? Does the hook go through from the return spring side or the other side. I suspect part of the problem is that the hook naturally lies pointing downwards rather than to the side. I've spent hours lying across the front seats with head and shoulders under the dash with long nose pliers, screwdriver, mirror and lamp. I got it in once, popped in the return spring and as soon as I put my foot on the pedal it came out again. I had put it in with the shaft, rather than the head of the hook on the same side of the pedal as the return spring. Please someone givuzaclue to ease my frustration at this apparently simple task.
Cavalier Mark 3 clutch cable - DL
I think you have to remove the pedal?
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Cavalier Mark 3 clutch cable - Dynamic Dave
The return spring *should* retain the cable end in the pedal. As DL says, it might be easier to remove the pedal from the bulkhead to see what you're doing in natural daylight, rather than a miner who's looking for his canary.
Cavalier Mark 3 clutch cable - Victorbox
I will ask the guy who services my Cavalier as he changed my cable when doing the clutch with no problem. I know the agony you are going through as changing two brake switches in ten years was painful! He obviously has the knack as he explained how the annoying squeak you get from the depressing the clutch pedal can be fixed by just lifting the end of the cable enough & pushing in some grease. I has greased & sprayed WD40 from all directions to no effect. Then in a flash he demostrated this to me & the squeak was gone.

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