Got the bike back! - mike harvey
To those who remember my thread last week, re the police confiscating my son's motorcycle because it was so dangerous as to warrant immediate removal from the Queen's highway, I have good news. I have just got he bike back, and after 6 days,and a very thorough going over by their engineer, guess what's dangerous. Yes, you guessed. Nothing. Not only that, we have been exempted from paying the £105 + VAT recovery charge. How nice of them.
I would like to thank all those who helped with accurate legal advice, web links etc, as I'm convinced the outcome has only been because of vociferous legal argument due to the knowledge recieved. I'm just left with what next? My feeling is to continue to take it further and complain about the trumped up 'charges' and attitude of the police involved. But do I go straight to the plolice complaints commission, or the station involved. Of course I am looking forward to a full cover up and whitewash.
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Re: Got the bike back! - Dave N
Glad to hear it. 'Bout time they had it pointed out to them that something they don't like isn't necessarily illegal.
Re: Got the bike back! - Andy
Mike - send a letter of complaint to the complaints authority, and a copy with covering note to the local nick. Write everything down now while you can remember the details for future ref. Give 'em what for!
Re: Got the bike back! - Stuart B
Andy wrote:
> .......Write everything down now while you can remember the details
> for future ref. ..........

Good point that Andy. I keep a camera and a black notebook in my car. If you get into situations like this there is nothing like getting out the little black notebook and making genuinely contemporaneous notes. Gets people acting reasonably as fast as anything in my experience if they think you are serious.
Re: Got the bike back! - The Growler
I very much like the idea of camera and notebook kept in car. Could be invaluable as a "persuader" as suggested, but also as evidence in the event of a dispute later. I intend to adopt this, also to go one further -- to keep a miniature voice recorder in the car as well. Recording an exchange should concentrate both minds on what is being said!!
Re: Got the bike back! - David Woollard

You mentioned ....contemporaneous notes.....

I have one of my early managers in engineering management to thank for stressing the importance of these. They have been the cause of many a contactors agent to walk away from me with a bunch of unsigned overs/extras.

Get home, type them up on the PC and the case is half won.

Re: Got the bike back! - Bill Doodson

Glad to here its come back with no legal proccedings from their side. Make plenty on your side. But get your son to get out on it again.


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