new car beetle or celica - alapppy

I am looking for a new car for my wife We have narrowed it down to two cars either the Celica 1800 or VW beetle 1800 turbo.

Does anyone have experience with either of these two cars?

Which would be better in the long run?


Boot space is not an issue!

new car beetle or celica - DavidHM
For style, depreciation, reliability and handling - Celica.

For cuteness and possibly, depending on the engine, straight line performance and especially in the mid range, the Beetle.

For me though, Celica every time.
new car beetle or celica - No Do$h
My choice would be the Celica, but you really need to ask yourselves what is going to offer the best ownership experience for your needs. Comfort? Ease of access? Parking? (How easy is the Celica to enter/exit when parked between two other cars?)

The reliability and residuals of the Celica would, combined with the styling, make it a no brainer for me, but then we all have different needs and tastes.
new car beetle or celica - carayzee
Of those two I'd have the Celica. But I think they're looking a bit dated already, and it's a bit under-powered (if that matters to you).
Not driven the Beetle, but got close! Had a look at one in the showroom when the Mrs was looking for a new car, it appeared quite badly made so took it no further (I was obviously against it from the start - it has a VASE ffs.)
You not fancy a Cooper S?
new car beetle or celica - elekie&a/c doctor
forget the beetle;build quality is worse than the Golf & parts are more expensive.we see lots of 3year old beetles &they are falling apart.Customers also report lots of electrical gremlins that never get sorted.
new car beetle or celica - bartycrouch
I would say the Celica, simply because if your wife hasn't completely fallen in love with Beetle then it makes it that much harder to forgive it its compromises and faults after the "honeymoon" period is over.

new car beetle or celica - peterb
Personally I'd pick the Celica: it will be much better than the Beetle for handling and (probably) reliability.

Have you driven them both?
new car beetle or celica - alapppy

I have driven both. The main advantage of the beetle is that being higher it is easier to get in and out . Drive is quite different . The turbo beetle feels very quick but the celica just looks better put together ! Both are the same price almost but just concerned about long term reliability of the vw

They( vw) did badly in last years jd power survery

new car beetle or celica - bugged {P}
I have the 2.0 beetle, mine is very well built and believe me i am as fussy as hell when it comes to that!
However the electrical problems ive had with it have put me off VW for life, not forgetting their stinking attitude problem and terrible customer service. The beetle is also difficult to park because of all its lumps and bumps.

The Celica is boring in my opinion, however id rather have boring and realiable than fun but always in the garage any day!!!

new car beetle or celica - arnold2

Reliability - our Beetle has been notable MORE reliable than my Corolla !

Corolla faults to date:
Gearbox has probable bearing failure, fault from new which Toyota dealers REFUSED to acknowledge/fix.
Dashboard light on left side failed at 30k.
Front seat squeek, same as gearbox fault from new - v. annoying.
Central locking begun playing up
Front seat-belt retractor now failed twice

New Beetle faults to date:
Dashboard light on left side failed.
Front bin-thing lid replaced

That's it !! Sorry, I really think Toyota's quality has dropped. Sad really.

Someone said here that they went into a dealer and found the Beetle badly made - where !!! It's got the nicest build of any car at the money, seriously solid - try shutting the door ! Much better made than the Golf 4, BTW, so don't confuse the two.

Go for the 1.8Turbo - you can even get it chipped up to a reliable 180BHP - serious fun !
new car beetle or celica - arnold2
oh, one other thought, for goodness sake go to one of the brokers to buy whichever you choose ( I bet your wife will prefer the Beetle !) - VW & Toyota dealers will rip you off otherwise ! :, the base Celica is £1500 cheaper !

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