Peugeot 306 stiff clutch? - greg

I think I have found a 306 xsi which I want to buy. Does anyone know whether a slightly stiff clutch is a problem? I know the clutch cable goes next to the exhaust so could it be a problem? Also the gearbox feels a bit notchy, but not that bad.

It is a 98S - 56k miles. FSH etc.

Any thoughts?

Thanks very much
Peugeot 306 stiff clutch? - owen
The gearbox on ours seems to get less notchy as the car warms up. Do a forum search, there's a couple of threads on this which will help you make your decision.

If it helps, the XSi is a very good car IMO!
Peugeot 306 stiff clutch? - Imagos
the gearboxs on all 306's where notchy from day one so thats not a problem. the cable next to exhaust should not make any diffrence but you need to check the biting point of the clutch. its probably on its original clutch if its near the top, if it is near the top of pedal i'd walk away as it will cost you $$ quite soon...
Peugeot 306 stiff clutch? - Dynamic Dave
the cable next to exhaust should not make any diffrence...

It does.

Extract from HJ's Car By Car Breakdown (Found in Red Menu Bar to the left)

What's Bad

Clutch cable of RHD cars is routed close to the exhaust, which dries out the lubrication and prevents the self-adjuster working properly which leads to premature clutch failure.

What to Watch Out For

Check for stiff clutch, as cable may need replacing.
Peugeot 306 stiff clutch? - solara
With a self-adjusting cable, I think it is difficult to tell whether a clutch is worn out from the biting point position.

When I bought my 306, 7 years ago, I thought the clutch was on its way out due to biting point position, and used it to haggle down the price. But 7 years later and another 75k miles Im still on the same clutch! Second clutch cable though.
Peugeot 306 stiff clutch? - Hawesy1982
The gearbox on mine got less notchy when warm too, and a good greasing of the gear linkages and change of gearbox oil helped aswell.

Your clutch may or may not be on its way out, as a guideline though my 306's clutch was always heavier than the ones on my Fiesta or Escort.
Peugeot 306 stiff clutch? - was8v
Be careful - 306 clutches are apparently extrememly hard wearing, and will not slip when worn, they just get heavier and heavier until you can't bear it any more.

When I bought my 306 (1.4) it had a heavy clutch but the biting point was fine, which after reading on around I found out about the routing problem and assumed it would be due to the cable. But after disconnecting the cable I found it was fine, and moved freely. Hence it's likely to be the actual clutch or the bell crank pivot thats the problem.

Try and knock them down on price - if the heavy clutch isn't due to the cable you may find you can get used to it anyway and end up with some money off.
Peugeot 306 stiff clutch? - madf
A similar problem on a friends solved by spraying inside cabin clutch pivot with WD40 - rusty with cabin moisture..


Peugeot 306 stiff clutch? - greg
Thanks people. I popped down to my local Pug dealer and tried out a couple more clutches in slightly newer 306's, both of which were a bit stiff. The salesman said it happens on 306's. But then he would.

I bought it.

Thanks again.
Peugeot 306 stiff clutch? - autumnboy
My daughter had a 306TD and her clutch got stiffer and stiffer till the cable was replaced because it dried out being next to the exhaust. This was at approx. 40k miles.


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