Cheapest rear shocks for mondeo TDi? -
i am looking for anywere that does cheap rear shocks hope for some replys
cheapest place for rear shocks for a mon - No Do$h
Can you post details of the car and I will edit your title to reflect it. Sorry about the lack of space in the title bar.

No Dosh
cheapest place for rear shocks for a mon -
to no dosh here are my details on the car it is a mondeo turbo deisel 1.8 L reg hope this is enouth information for you many thanks
cheapest place for rear shocks for a mon - DavidHM
Surprisingly cheap: Ford Rapid Fit. Typically this works out at 2/3 of the main dealer price, with the same mechanics and parts. My local main dealer wants £202 to do the job, which means you should be able to get both done for £120 or so.

Otherwise it may be a question of ringing round. Usually one of the fast fit places (National, Kwik Fit, ATS, etc.) will do the job for a cheap, fixed price. seems to back this up and suggests Nationwide.
cheapest place for rear shocks for a mon - Hugo {P}
If you can get them fitted, suggest you do a search on e bay.

Latest bargains include:

Master cyl for Trafic New £10 incl post
complete set of discs for disco - new Lucas £35 incl post
Complete set of pads, fuel pump, 2 fuel filters and an oil filter for the Disco - new genuine LR - £50 incl post
2 New shocks for Series 1 LR/rear Nissan Vanette £11.50 incl post (I don't need these but they'll move on somewhere I'm sure)

You get the picture - several garages, parts places and owners have old stock to clear out.


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