yellow fog lights - Imagos
My car (98 ford mondeo) has yellow painted front fog lights. is it legal or am i breaking the law? thanks...
yellow fog lights - Spanner Jack
As far as I am aware...

Front fog lights may be white or yellow.
Yellow are better as they reduce the glare that is bounced back from the fog.

Front fog lights are not tested for the UK MOT test.

PS Front fog lights are only to be used when FOGGY ;)
yellow fog lights - Imagos
yes thanks jack, i asked question as haven't had car long and used them for first time other day when it was very foggy. didn't realise they were yellow and i didn't want a tug! ;-)
yellow fog lights - ShereKhan
I think you will find that fog lights (where fitted) are tested as part of the MOT.

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yellow fog lights - Clanger
This may help.
Front headlights or fog lights may be white or yellow.
Foglights, if fitted, must work.

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yellow fog lights - Spanner Jack
Sorry Hawkeye,
but only REAR foglamps form part of the MOT test.

And then it is only the Offside Rear one that is required!
(And only necessary for vehicles built after 1980)

Front fog lamps are 'additional' lamps and definitely not tested.

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