advice please, Yaris or Jazz or.... - jordylass
I would like to change my car. I currently drive a Renault Scenic auto, and want to move down to a small car to be more cost effective as I do about 30000 per year.
I haven't been able to test drive a Yaris MMT, but have driven the Jazz CVT-7 which was great to drive except being a little hard.
I did like the Jazz very much, but as I do door to door and work from the car, sat nav and car phone kit are neccesities.
These are not options on the Jazz, but there are ways around this with Smartnav, and a generic car kit, although I'd obviosuly prefer them to be built in.
So my question is as I haven't been able to test drive the Yaris, should I consider it against the Jazz, or is there something else that will do what I need better.
I have driven the Citroen C3 and Ford Fiesta, both with direct shift/tiptronic, they were very sluggish compared to the Jazz, and the jerk on transmission was awful.
I'd appreciate any advice.

advice please, Yaris or Jazz or.... - T-Bod
With the C3 i presume its the 1.6 version you are talking about!you can now get it with a manual gear box and not just those stupid paddles that seem to make the car more sluggish.
A friend has just brought one and i think they look better than the Yaris and its a good follow up to the Saxo.
On the reliability side though Toyotas are very good.
advice please, Yaris or Jazz or.... - Nortones2
Michelle: my wife has a Yaris, and whilst its OK, I think the Jazz is quite a bit better. Reasons: handles and steers very well, very responsive engine, bags of room for such a small car, versatile luggage arrangements if that matters, looks good inside, and doesn't RATTLE! Only reason we didn't buy was that madam wanted a cheaper car. But she's well pleased with the Yaris overall.
advice please, Yaris or Jazz or.... - Hawesy1982
You're doing 30000 a year?

So mostly motorways then?

You currently drive a Scenic but want something more cost effective.

Jazz, Yaris etc are not the most comfortable motorway cruisers, i'd recommend a step up to Civic/Corrolla, and a diesel one if you're doing 30k a year
advice please, Yaris or Jazz or.... - jordylass
Its ½ motorway ½ urban. It was the civic I went in to test drive, but after seeing and asking to drive the Jazz, I was very impressed, I took it for a day to test for longer, and did find it very hard, deisel would obviously be better, but as I want to stick with automatic, there aren't many options for diesel.
advice please, Yaris or Jazz or.... - carroll

I recently had the same decision to make.
I chose the Yaris diesel.
However it is difficult to choose between the Yaris and Jazz.
The Jazz is usually dearer but it is a newer model and will hold its value. Also I think it looks nicer than the Yaris.
On the other hand the driving position in the Yaris is second to none. It beats even large saloons you just have acres of space in the front and it feels like a much bigger car to drive.

The Jazz feels like any other small car,however it is very classy inside and here it has one up on the Yaris. good quality plastics etc. the Yaris hi fi is really good much better than the Jazz. The Jazz has that great versatile interior.
I think you would be happy in either just go with your heart!!!

Both dealers are great I was very impressed with the Toyota dealership. I did look at the C2 and I must say my heart wanted one (a furio in black) But that gear change put me off plus the demonstrator was already making odd noises. And have you seen where the Saxo is in the customer satisfaction tables. Then look where the Yaris is.
advice please, Yaris or Jazz or.... - jordylass
Thanks for this Caroll, I did eventually get to test drive the Yaris MMT yesterday, and its not the drive the Jazz is, but its not as hard either. I would have still preferred the Jazz if I could have had decent phone kit and Sat Nav in. As they are availabe options on the Yaris, I'm going to go for plump for that one. I will definately be looking out for a Jazz for my kids next year though.
advice please, Yaris or Jazz or.... - turnin' japanese
Just downsized cars myself from a Rover 420sldi - to a Jazz!

My in-laws had a Yaris SR & it was a very good car which they ran for nearly 4 years and NOTHING went wrong at all!!! They just traded up to a Corolla for a bit more space.

Having seen the size of the boot in the Yaris (& most of the competition) I had to choose the Jazz. Admittedly it does have a harder ride, but it's a good drive and versatility is second to none. It returns over 50mpg on my A/B road run, or about 5mpg less on high speed motorway or round town.

If you don't need the space, and you really need the options then I guess that makes your decision for you! Toyota dealers might also give a better deal on a Yaris (Honda claim the Jazz is still in short supply....)

Both are very good cars!

Have you considered the Mazda 2?
advice please, Yaris or Jazz or.... - Nortones2
You could get the bits separately, then have access to the best/best value. And have the better car- Jazz. It can also avoid dealership bodging. Beware dealer fitted accessories: you're in the clutches of odd-job boy!


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