Cheshire's lovely but.... - Rob the Bus {P}
Hello folks

As some of you may be aware, I regularly return to the hinterland to see my daughters. The journey from Kent to Southport takes upwards of six hours due to my having to use the folling route:

M25/A1(M)/A14/M1/A50/A500/A51/A49/Runcorn Bridge/A5300/M57/A59

The journey home is completed much more quickly as it is late on a Saturday evening so I can use the more conventional M6/M432/M40/M25.

If you haven't already dozed off with boredom. my question is this: Do any of you enlightened people know of a better way to get from Stoke to Southport without using the M6 on a Friday afternoon than the one mentioned above? I have tried the M6 on all of my trips, but have been forced to admit defeat at varying points due to stationary traffic.

Any help would be gratefully recieved (although not as gratefully recieved as £10,000 in used fivers).


Cheshire's lovely but.... - madf
Well I live just outside Stoke for my sins and used to commute from Liverpool to Stoke.. now lets see .. an alternative to the M6?

Well you could go cross country to the Wirral, tunnel to Liverpool and then Liverpool to Southport (look on a map for roads.. )

Would it be faster? Dunno More scenic? yes.. At rush hour Liverpool is not fun...
Cheshire's lovely but.... - No Do$h
I was going to suggest the train, then I looked at the prices online (nearly £90!) and the 5hr20min weekend journey times.
Cheshire's lovely but.... - Jonathan {p}

A34 to Congleton, A54 to Winsford, A553 to Runcorn, cross The Bridge and onto Knowsley Expressway A5300, turns into M57, then either through Ormskirk or across the ditched moss.
Cheshire's lovely but.... - Cardew
I commute regularly between London and Shropshire - usually on a Friday afternoon - and also travel a lot to Liverpool and Manchester.

Although at first glance you may feel this is a non-starter, you might consider this route.

M40 - M42 clockwise to M5 - Leave M5 at Junction 4 take A491 to Stourbridge and A458 past Bridgenorth to A5 just south of Shrewsbury. A5 past Oswestry and A483 past Wrexham to just south of Chester. Take A55 and this becomes the M53. You can either stay on M53 and go through the Birkenhead Tunnel or take M56 and go thro' Runcorn to M57.

Using this route you do all your East - West travel on the M5 - Shrewsbury leg and you will be surprised how little there is in the mileage. You also miss Birmingham. I estimate from the end of M42 to the M53 will be under 2 hours - even on a Friday.

P.S. I use some country lanes to bypass Stourbridge.
Cheshire's lovely but.... - pdc {P}
I think that J16 to J19 of the M6 must be the stretch of road that I have covered most of my 350,000 miles on over the past 10 years. It is a nightmare at almost anytime, but Fridays are ridiculous.

You could try coming off the A500 at Talke and heading off up the A50, all the way to Warrington. Else come off at Sandbach and head off up the road to Middlewich and Northwich, then on to the A556.
Cheshire\'s lovely but.... - Andrew-T
Rob - I sympathise, but that is all. You have put yourself in the position of having to make this journey and must lump it. The choice is whether it feels better to be moving on an A road through several small towns, or fits-and-starts on a motorway. A bit like queuing at the airport check-in and wondering whether to jump to an alternative queue. I suspect you won\'t save much time by any of these routes, but you might get there less stressed.

Now and again I go Runcorn-Aylesbury without setting wheel on a motorway, 3h45m door to door. But that\'s not a Fri afternoon. :o)
Cheshire's lovely but.... - Rob the Bus {P}

I wasn't asking for sympathy or understanding - just help finding alternative routes which the other posters have been willing to give.



PS, many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to share your 'shortcuts'. Cardew - I think that yours sounds the most wacky so I'll give that a go next time!

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