MB interior paint job - smokie
I'm surprised I'm the first to find this - or aren't I?


I think HJ/da Mods should add official greets from the UK, seeing as everyone is now jumping on the bandwagon! Nothing like free publicity
MB interior paint job - PST
I know he said he picked the paint can up but it seems odd that considering it was punctured under the seat the majority of the paint seems to be everywhere but!

Having a brief look at the MB forum I thought they had some nice touches though....I love the terminology, "hey dude that sux" and "downer bro". I wonder if that signifies a slightly different profile of forum participant (younger?)

Plus great sign-offs - I might try that here!


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MB interior paint job - mab23

The MB forum guys are more of a "modder" crowd (but not totally MaxPowered). They do pulley upgrades on their SLK superchargers, bigger wheels etc etc.

It's a good forum if you've got a MB.


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