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My daughter has just bought a fiesta Mk5. The spare wheel is stored outside under the boot floor. Looks a bit vunerable to the attentions of the light fingered fraternity.
As the car will have to be parked on the street does anyone know of any aftermarket security devices or is the best method to just store the spare in the boot?
Many Thanks in advance,
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your a victim of poor design i'm afraid, its unlikely someone would want wheel especially if its steel. Thieves tend to nick the 4 alloys nowadays so i'd recommend some locking wheelnuts.
fiesta spare wheel - Imagos
or i'd keep the spare in the boot its safer and it wont be filthy dirty when you need to use it.
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From a self preservation point of view, I'd never keep anything of any weight loose in the boot, if, god forbid, you were to have a heavy frontal impact or even rolled, the wheel would be likely to smash it's way through the parcel shelf, out of the boot and into the cabin.

I'm not sure if you have tie down hooks in the back of the Fiesta but I'd be inclined to use them if you have and you do decide to store the wheel inside.

I've heard of underslung spare wheels being stolen in the past but not from Fiestas, I seem to remember Citroens and Ford Transits being targeted.

Why not put the spare in a bin bag, tape it up a bit so it doesn't flap around, then leave it underneath where it's designed (badly) to be stored. At least when you come to use it it will be clean.

I think you'd be very unlucky to have it stolen.

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SWMBO's Peugeot 106 spare wheel is covered in a thick bin liner.. taped up . Thieves can't see it. I did the same for my Fiesta.. keeps it clean..

Peter's comment on heavy weight in boot is VERY true.. Channel 5 ? Motoring program showed horrendous results in a 30mph stop,, driver likely to be injured/decapitated by weights breaking rear seats and flying into apssenger compartment. As for tool boxes in boots: almost certain serious injury from flying tools for driver /passenger or both...

fiesta spare wheel - SeanO
Many thanks for the replies, covering with a bin bag is a really good idea. I hadn't thought about the implications of a loose spare wheel if (God Forbid) daughter had an accident so certainly will be taking that advice on board.
So thanks again to all who replied,

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