XR2i CVH low idle and cutting out - carl233
The vehicle is a J Reg Fiesta XR2i with the 1596cc EFi CVH engine. The car is running on good quality oil and no expense has been spared with the maintenance. When it pulls up at junctions for example the revs drop to below 500rpm the car vibrates and then the revs sometimes go up to the correct idle speed.

Other times the car will cut out when the revs drop. It is getting a bit dangerous having the car cut out at busy junctions. I have checked the throttle body for any old deposits but it is fine, I even spayed carb cleaner around the throttle body but this made no change to the situation.

I know earlier XR2i?s had high idle problems but this is the latter design type with the modified idle speed control valve. Many people I speak to are not aware of what the problem could be?
XR2i CVH low idle and cutting out - owen
A (very) different car maybe, but i've got similar problems with my Hilux (see a couple of threads below). First port of call is checking ignition components and timing.

Other than that, with an injected car, maybe the ECU is iffy? Injectors working properly? Fuel filter/pump?

Just some ideas, someone with a lot more knowledge should be along shortly!
XR2i CVH low idle and cutting out - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hi Carl,

Looking at the throttle body from the front of the car, you should find a small (brass) screw head down a tube in the casting at about 45 degrees to the throttle plate. Unscrew and remove this for cleaning, also spray down the tube. Refit and screw in about halfway.

Run engine to normal temp. Remove electrical connector from Idle Speed Control Valve, then you should be able to set idle speed (using the screw you have just cleaned and refitted) to around 750rpm. With engine still running reconnect ISCV - revs should rise over 1000rpm, then settle back to around 850rpm.

Good Luck ! Adam
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XR2i CVH low idle and cutting out - carl233
Thanks Adam,

I'll give this a try I can't remember seeing a brass screw. But I will look out for this and try what you suggested


XR2i CVH low idle and cutting out - Dwight Van Driver
When did you last check/renew your HT leads and plugs?

89 Xr3i
XR2i CVH low idle and cutting out - carl233
The plugs are less then 1,000 miles old, the problem did seem to happen with the previous set of plugs. I replaced the HT leads with OEM Ford (Motorcraft) products around 3 weeks ago. The car is also running on 10/40 semi-synthetic oil. I am considering fitting a new fuel filter but the existing one has only been in 20k miles and Ford say it should last for 60k and I'm not sure if it would help.
XR2i CVH low idle and cutting out - carl233
It was a faulty idle speed control valve, it was the later Hitachi type. The vehicle now operates fine and the idle is spot on.

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