BMWs - epaul
Just want to say I have a 328i coupe auto spent a lot of money on it, lights,exhaust etc and it sucks i hate the \"drive \" cant wait to get rid. Will never buy another again
BMWs - Dude - {P}
i hate the \"drive \">>

You have`nt qualified your reasons for hating the \"drive\" of your 328 coupe.

Is it because of the tramlining on uneven road surfaces, which is a characteristic of the sports suspension and low profile tyres on this model.?? This problem can be influenced by correct tyre pressures and the choice of tyre. My son has a 330Ci Sport from which he was suffering similar problems, but after switching to Dunlop SP Sport tyres, they have now largely disappeared, except on very badly surfaced B roads, where there is still a slight tendency to tramline, but only above 80mph.

You would be totally wrong to assume that all BMW`s handle similarly, as I can assure you that with non-sports suspension and standard profile tyres, the E46 3 series handles superbly.
BMWs - carayzee
Did it not have lights and an exhaust when you bought it? I think you were ripped off.
BMWs - No Do$h
Just want to say I have a 328i coupe auto spent
a lot of money on it,

You\'re not related to FireballXL5 are you? ;o)
BMWs - Pugugly {P}
A minor (but important) correction in the subject line.

Sell it buy a front wheel drive car.
BMWs - No Do$h
Blimey, I didn't spot that blatant abuse of the possesive apostrophe. Duly amended on all posts.

No Dosh, aka
BMWs - John S

Crikey, you've set youself up for something here if you are correcting apostrophe abuse. If I had a pound for each time I've seen it's when what is needed is its........


John S
BMWs - Caveman
Crikey, you've set youself up for something here if you are
correcting apostrophe abuse.

If he did, then "mech1" would keep him gainfully employed for years :-) All those backward apostrophes ( i.e. ` ) do my head in.
BMWs - jeds
its and apostrophe catastrophe.
BMWs - No Do$h
I had 5 minutes on my hands......

Or should that be

I had 5 minute's on my hands'

BMWs - Pugugly {P}
Sorry John - we have a new typist in work - she has trouble with
apostrophe's (!) and it drives me up the wall.
BMWs - smokie
Wow...I have to type my own posts here...
BMWs - PhilW
Whilst on the subject of "possessives", what about the number of times you hear/read "should of" or "could of" instead of should have or could have (should 've/could 've). And what about the number of "independant" dealers (very faint motoring link) rather than independent.
Can you tell that my Dad used to be an English teacher in the good old days when clause analysis occupied every English lesson beteen the age of 11 and 16? What I really want to know is whether an intransitive verb can have an indirect object.
BMWs - epaul
Dude - spent enough on the car, now do i have to get it exactly right viz tyres, speed etc yes it tramlines horrendously. More money to shell out, I dont think so.

carazyee - lol gotta laugh they must have seen me coming (just decided to up grade if thats what you want to call it)

Pugugly - Boy do I agree bring back my awesome lowered chipped all singing, all dancing VR6 (why did I get rid of it)

for the rest it aint my gramma (opps a mistake) that drives the car mind you I'm not saying thats any doubt some fault will be found in this reply .... lol

seroiusly though I dont enjoy driving this car its as simple as that. If i could turn the clock back 10 months i never would have bought it...but hindsight is a wonderful thing.
I will learn


having had an e36 with no problems (and have no worries with my current e39) I am surprised that the e46 should be so bad. is the car in good mechanical order?

did you test drive the car before buying it or was the lure of the badge too much?

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