moaners and whingers - none
It seems that I'm forever reading posts in the backroom where the writer is moaning about some restriction being forced on him by incompetant legislators. Speed limits, speed cameras, traffic calming, bus lanes, having to be in full control of their vehicle etc. seem to be major obstacles to some folk.
I guess that the writers have passed the driving test, and I wondered if during the test they made a call on their mobile phone ? Or maybe told the examiner that once they got past the stupid speed camera "I can get a move on". Or perhaps they nipped into a bus lane to overtake a line of traffic. Or did they drive as properly as they could, obeying rules and regulations, and observing the highway code.
moaners and whingers - Sooty Tailpipes
Look at the state of the country and ask why there is such a priority made of stupid laws such as holding a phone or not going 75mph on an empty motorway, when the fire brigade are being petrol nombed in Keighley and nothing is done, hospital porters in East London are paraded on TV in their new armour of Kevlar stab proof vests and helmets and asylum seekers can go on a rampage in Bradford, attacking people and then be allowed to stay here to protect their human rights.
moaners and whingers - Nsar
>>posts in the backroom where the writer is moaning< No offence, but you've left yourself open a bit...but I enjoyed the thought, it would make a good sit-com sketch.
moaners and whingers - Health N Safety
Was it in Huddersfield that a van driver was "accidentally" prosecuted for doing 2x27.5 mph=55 mph in a 30 mph zone and a bike rider was prosecuted for doing 35 mph past a 40 mph sign because the council insisted it was "really" a 30mph zone? And don't even mention the Welsh and their motorway "speed limits"!
moaners and whingers - Civic8
It doe`s seem to be a problem.I doubt that most will admit to it though.Ie how many driver`s do you see with a mobile to the ear.How many speed up after the speed camera working or not.Bus lanes are usually full of people trying to push in wrong as it is no one is there to police it so most get away with it.I doubt most would really care unless they were caught and then would not take any notice.traffic calming is a waste of money.But the councill`s assume it work`s when you see most 4x4`s and some cars they do not take any notice of them.I don`t see it getting any better only worse in all way`s opinions always welcome

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