RX-8 vs 350Z...? - jc33
Have pondered longingly over both sets of literature for these beauties recently yet can't decide which one to go for. Any views/opinions?

RX-8 vs 350Z...? - peterb
Have you driven them yet?
RX-8 vs 350Z...? - jc33
Not yet - hope to soon. Have heard nasty rumours about the RX-8 needing an oil change every 3000 miles. Just wondered if anyone had heard similar.
RX-8 vs 350Z...? - PR {P}
Purely on looks and reviews and engine, my personal opinion is that I prefer the 350z.
RX-8 vs 350Z...? - BaseRSXmanual
I saw on Top Gear that the RX8 - Z - and BMW M3 all had the exact same track lap time, down to the second!!

Personally I think the M3 is beautiful, the Z is ugly, and the RX8 is EXTREAMLY ugly! If I couldn?t afford the M3 (which I can?t) then I would not get any of them.

My 2 cents.
RX-8 vs 350Z...? - Vansboy
My choice RX8, but have you looked at a Crossfire??

I liked the idea, till I saw how much SLK it really is, that put me off!

& saw one outside Chrysler dealer today & DEFINITE no thanks!!

What Car? don't reckon good residuals on the Mazda, so you buy it now & I'll give you 1/3 its value in 3 years time!! But not black, please.

RX-8 vs 350Z...? - BaseRSXmanual
Yeah the Crossfire is a car that should not have been made. Did you see Tiff's road test of it? He had little good to say about it. The steering was soft, the handling was soft, the brakes were soft, and the acceleration was disappointing for a car in its price range?

Who would by this car?
RX-8 vs 350Z...? - Honestjohn
The first Crossfire at a UK Top Car auction didn't sell, but came through the sale at the wrong time. A friend of mine has just ordered an RX8 in preference to a 350Z on the basis of the test drive and the small matter of four proper seats with easy access to them. He ordered last week and has been promised delivery by Christmas, so could be that a few of the advance orders dropped out. Last night one of Mazda's PRs told me he had personally stumped up to buy his own RX8, so that's something.

RX-8 vs 350Z...? - BaseRSXmanual
Sorry, I guess I am too American but what on earth does "stumped up" mean???
RX-8 vs 350Z...? - Canon Fodder

what on earth does "stumped up" mean

Paid for [grudgingly] BaseR.

As to the Question - got to be the Nissan - I mean, that Rotary engine - why?

RX-8 vs 350Z...? - No Do$h
What Car? don't reckon good residuals on the Mazda, so you
buy it now & I'll give you 1/3 its value in
3 years time!! But not black, please.

So in three years time I can pick up an RX8 for around £7.5k?

Ooooh boy! That's my weekend car sorted!
RX-8 vs 350Z...? - AR-CoolC
There was a chap having great fun with a RX8 around the industrial estate yesterday. Happily overstering his way round the long bends.
I also saw a Crossfire on the M1 on Wednesday morning and I would say that it looked not too bad in silver.The RX8 was red and looked pretty bad, and as yet I havn't seen a Z in the flesh.

From pictures I say the Z looks best, but as I havn't driven any (and unlikely to) that is the only opinion I can give.

RX-8 vs 350Z...? - jc33
I think I saw a 350Z on the road yesterday. I thought it was a beefed up Celica initially (from the front).

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