Off for Xmas! - Ian (Cape Town)
Down here in the southern hemisphere, everybody takes most of December off, and all the inlanders head lemminglike for the coast, resulting in an average of 2000 (yes, two thousand!) road deaths during december...
Having built up a huge amount of days off/leave owed, i have decided to take from now until january 4 off, spend some time with the family, relax, drink lots of beer, and sit beside the pool.
So, I won't be popping in much, if at all, so a very early "Happy Christmas to all our readers" to you all.
Off for Xmas! - pdc {P}
Merry Christmas!

I've had the xmas CD in the car for 2 weeks now, and put the tree and decorations up on sunday morning, which was solely for the benefit of the 2 year old. Honest!!
Off for Xmas! - GroovyChick{P}

How i envy you having all this time off. I have grown to hate xmas due to the fact I work in retail. I am lucky to get xmas day off and all holidays are banned in my workplace from the 2nd week in Nov til the 2nd week in Jan!!


I have been looking at xmas decs now since the end of Sept :-(, I will be waiting till nearer xmas eve to put mine up but then again I don't have any kids. The only xmas song I really enjoy is the one by Slade and perhaps thats only because I used to work with Noddy Holder's daughter!(name dropping I know, tut tut)

I'm not really a grump, HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all the backroomers

Off for Xmas! - BobbyG
Groovy Chick, from one retailer to another, Happy Easter!! When are your eggs due in.....
Off for Xmas! - Clanger
Happy Christmas to you too. Enjoy.

Things seem to start up earlier each year e.g. I've just skated across the lobby tiles on a pile of Christmas cards already and I've already spotted a couple of dashboard (motoring link) Christmas trees.

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