Selling cars warning - the judge
If you have ever tried selling you car in newspapers or in other media, you may well have been solicited by other organisations trying to persuade you to advertise with them. Beware of an organisation called Don\'t confuse them with other companies trading under a similar name eg, who perform the same function, ie matching buyers and sellers.

The person I spoke to at was very persuasive and despite some reticence, I parted with £75 for the privilege of advertising on their website. However, I subsequently discovered are under investigation by trading standards.They have no UK contact number or address on their website - you can only contact them by email. I understand that their operation is based in Spain.

Yes they did list my car, but I am pretty certain that is all they do, and locating the website takes some perseverance - Beware!

[snip] I have taken two comments out of this note since they were a bit iffy IMO (specific allegations). I assume that you have no objection since I have allowed the rest of the note to stand. In addition, this is as far as I am allowing the thread to go, and so I will lock it. Mark.
Selling cars warning - M.M
I guess you don't need telling now but a good rule is never ever to take up advertising from anyone who contacts you. There are so many good places to sell vehicles these days you need to ponder the most suitable yourself and not be pressured to make a decision on the phone fromn a cold call.

Also £75 is too much for most usual car ads. A budget of £25ish is a maximum I'll consider.

Had a look at the website. As you say not much in the way of contact details. Even the "About us" page was more promotion and not really much about who they are.

Most importantly I hate the way they control the buyers enquiry by giveng a reference number not a phone contact for the seller.

Oh and last of all I searched for a popular car that will return around 500 hits if you look nationwide on Autotrader...they were listing just two!!!


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