Auction Buyers - MichaelR
Does anyone know anything about these guys who will buy a car from auction on your behalf, and then you pay them a percentage of the purchase price as their 'fee'?

I'm *still* looking for a 2.0 Ghia X Mondeo, and have not had much luck looking privately or my local auction. I've not got the time to go further afield to the bigger auctions, and was wondering if this was the perfect solution...

How do they work? What if you are not happy with the car, etc etc? I don't mean 'What if you get it and something doesn't work' as thats a normal risk with auction buying, but what if there is something about the car that would have meant that had you personally been there, you'd not have bid?

Cheers for any advice :)
Auction Buyers - francisb
I have recently bought a 1.8 petrol Mondeo through Douglas Coker at Cars for Customers. It was a fantastic bargain! I can recommend this method of car buying wholeheatedly. I guess that I saved at least £1500 or even £2000 on the forecourt price. The thing that impressed me, is that Douglas is working for me when buying then car - the exact opposite to a showroom who buy the car (probably at the same auction) and then try to flog it come what may - and at a healthy profit. Why does anyone go to a showroom? puzzles me!
Auction Buyers - Smartdealer
Michael, is a 2.0 ghia x Mondeo really so difficult to find privately? When you take into account how long it may take for a vehicle matching your *exact* spec to come round at auction, you could be waiting a long time. Auctions are great places if you have several cars in mind and you just want the best value you can get at the time. However, if you have an extremely precise spec then sureley autotrader must be the first stop?
Auction Buyers - MichaelR
Autotrader has been my first stop for the last 2 months. I've not been very sucessful - infact in that whole time I only actually found 4 97/98 2.0 Manual Ghia X's - one for £1900 which sold within 10 minuites of the magazine hitting the shops, another which was staggering £4495 for a 97R, and there was something about the other two as well.

If I wanted a V6, on the other hand, there are loads about :(

I know I'm not going to find one immediatly, but as long as I do, I'll be happy.
Auction Buyers - MichaelR
Thought I ought to give an update. I've been in contact with Joe, and discussed the service with him. He seems like a thoroughly nice bloke, and I've every faith in his ability to source the right car for me, so I've asked him to go ahead with the search.

I'll let you know how I get on, but at this stage it's thumbs up from me :)
Auction Buyers - And1
MR - There is a 97(P) Ghia X hatchback (leather interior)
in the Coventry Evening Telgegraph for £2100 offers considered.
If you are interested I will try and find the number.A.
Auction Buyers - Paul Robinson

We get the CET, the number is:

024 7636 3739

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