Primera Sport Gas Filled Headlights - killie
Friend of mine has a Y reg Primera Sport
One headlight is playing up
the Bulb in the unit seems to be Sealed would this mean it's a Zenon Bulb and if so would it have to go to a Dealer to be replaced or can it be done as a DIY. any idea what the Bulbs cost ?


Primera Sport Gas Filled Headlights - RoadDevil
What do you mean by 'playing up'?

I think only the Sport+ had Xenon/HID headlamps as standard.

If it is Xenon then the car will have headlamp washers and self levelling headlamps, the difference in light colour will also be obvious compared to standard halogen. Xenon/HID bulbs are around £100 each but if there are problems it may not be the bulb, could be the ignitor or ballast, both not cheap and a job for a dealer who knows what they're doing.

If it's halogen and the bulbs just blown I think they are standard H7 types, about £10-15 each, you should be able to change them yourself although access may be tricky to the rear of the headlight, consult the handbook and don't touch the glass of the new bulb.
Primera Sport Gas Filled Headlights - DL
Xenon/HID bulbs utilise high voltages - be careful!

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Primera Sport Gas Filled Headlights - killie
Found out that it's an intermittent fault mainly occurs when going over rough surfaces bulb goes out.
tapping the glass or switching lights on and off brings light back on.

The Car is Primera Sport Plus with the self levelling lights.
Primera Sport Gas Filled Headlights - DL
Bad connection then!

Try wiggling the headlamp bulb connections - it doesn't sound as though you have HID lamps..

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Primera Sport Gas Filled Headlights - killie
Thanks for that
spoke to the guy he says their a bluish colour when seen from a distance so i take that as meaning their zenon bulbs.

Looking at the back of the Headlight Unit taking the dust cover off their is no three pin connector. instead you have what looks like a thin strip of metal which can not be detached. ?
Primera Sport Gas Filled Headlights - sean

I have no knowledge of this application, but the Corporation I work for uses Xenon lamps, which your description now clearly identifies.

Xenon is a noble gas.

It lasts forever.

What on earth has happened to your lamps?

Back to your dealer.
Primera Sport Gas Filled Headlights - RoadDevil
Sound like it's definitly got HID lights. As DL says, these operate at up to 25,000 volts at startup and also if the light is going out, when it restarts, get it to a dealer soon so you don't electrocute youselves prodding around and also to limit damage to the system, these lights do not like being turned off and on again quickly, what's known as a 'hot restrike', if it happens too much the ballast/ignitor unit will shutdown, possibly permanantly, resulting in and even bigger bill to sort it. It maybe a loose connection somewhere which can be easily fixed before permanant damage is done to the system, but you really need to know what you're doing so you don't fry yourselves in the process.


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