New rules on new car registration Jan 1 - Colin M
To improve security, the DVLA are introducing new rules for the registration of all new cars from 1st Jan 2004.

Along with the application to register a car (the V55/4 or V55/5) you will need to supply your DVLA photocard licence or one document from each of the following lists:

Name confirmation: DVLA paper licence, passport, marriage certificate, decree nisi/absolute or birth certificate.

Address confirmation: Utility bill (gas, electricity, water, landline phone), bank or building society statement less than 3 months old, medical card or council tax bill for current year.

In addition, dealers/importers who hold trade licences (trade plates) may carry out on your behalf and submit the registration application along with a new form V959 (Notification of Name and Address Check).

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New rules on new car registration Jan 1 - Dude - {P}
This new legislation will do nothing to stop crims illegally driving without ever legally passing their driving test, and it should be made compulsory to produce your DVLA photocard/paper licence before the registration of any vehicle is granted.

I happen to know of several people who are driving without ever passing their driving test, and guess they could be in for a major expense via their insurance companies, if they are ever involved in an accident.
V959 - Honestjohn
As from 1st Janauary 2004, it won't be enough for a trader simply to write a car buyers name and address on form V55/4 or V55/5. He will also be obliged to see proof of that name and address by means of a driving licence, marriage licence, passport, decree nisi, birth certificate (for names) and a utility bill, bank statement, medical card or council tax bill (for addresses). When companies buy there is another long list of acceptable proofs. The dealer/trader must then sign a form V959 and send it with the V55.

Comment invited.

V959 - Mark (RLBS)
Tough on the trader but basically a good idea, and normal in a lot of other countries.
V959 - Stargazer {P}
Agree, proof of Id is becoming normal for many large financial transactions as a way of stopping money laundering. Try opening a bank account or buying shares these days. Also makes enforcing proper registration of cars easier for all cars sold through dealerships which cant be a bad thing.

But then I have no qualms about carrying a driving licence with a recent photo.

Ian L.
V959 - billy25
last year when i went to get a number plate made-up at our local garage, i had to provide driving licence,proof of ownership and a utility bill for proof of residence. this was to the garage-owner, who lives 12 doors down from me! and has known me for 22yrs!. if i wanted tacky stick-ons i could of made one up from his forecourt shop with out needing anything but the cash to pay .

V959 - OldPeculiar
I wouldn't have thought it was that much of a problem for either party. I would have thought that the current practice of the garage having to buy you your car tax (hence also having to wait until they recieve your new insurance certificate) is more time conusuming.
V959 - Ian (Cape Town)
I have been a keen follower of the debate re national identity cards in the UK. It seesm that very soon they will be a necessity, just to deal with this type of situation ...
Big Brother creeping up via the backdoor, perhaps?
V959 - T Lucas
I have just recieved notification about the V959 and along with the No plate entitlement form V948 i am drowning in new forms and certificates from the Gov/DVLA.
As usual the people that design the systems do not have to operate them in the real world and so they do not understand that the scrotes will continue to carry on in just the same way.More aggro for law abidding people.
Surely it would make more sense to tackle the problem so that there is a punishment for the naughty boys that ignore existing laws instead of keep thinking up new rubbish laws and systems to deal with them.
V959 - helicopter
Absolutely agree that this has not been thought through, just like the banks regulations to counter money laundering, applying for new driving licence and every other piece of carp legislation that the current bunch of morons have dreamed up.

It will be ignored by the usual suspects and used as a stick to beat the law abiding.

HJ - Looks like your 85 to 100 hour week has just become 100 to 135 hours.
V959 - Honestjohn
The daft bit is that to obtain extra V959s a trader is required to fax his letterhead quoting his trade licence to a number in Swansea. I gave up with fax machines when all they ever did was spew out black faxback forms that used up the ink cartridges in a fortnight. Does anyone still use a fax?

V959 - Colin M

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V959 - helicopter
HJ - Yes , although email is gradually taking over some of our middle eastern friends have only just got rid of their telexes.

There is a number which you can call to stop these unsolicited fax surveys and adverts - I believe it is the Direct Marketing Association or some such. It worked for us.

I'll see if I can dig it out and post it.
V959 - helicopter
Its called the Fax Preference Service.

Contact on line and register

Tel 0845 070 0702
Fax 0845 070 0705

They are obliged to take your number off their members registers within 28 days.

It also works for unsolicited telephone calls although its a different phone number.
V959 - frostbite
If it's mainly a question of *sending* faxes - use your PC, assuming you have a scanner and a regular (not broadband) modem. I use Supervoice software for this, email me if you want more info.

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