Ultimate Tacky Car ! - BobbyG
I have previously posted that I think the BMW 5 Series with the 4 headlight "rings" on was one of the smartest sights on the road at dusk.

However, I saw one today and they had obviously replaced the standard bulbs with blue ones - 4 blue rings on a late model BMW 5 series - I could have cried there and then!!

I was so shocked that I didn't even check if there was a baseball cap at the wheel.

Why? Why? Why?
Ultimate Tacky Car ! - 8 ball
Saw a car the other night which looked as if it was floating, like a spaceship, on a pool of vibrant blue light. Herbert had obviously fitted the latest automotive must-have under the vehicle. Like your BM driver I guess these people want to be noticed (Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame?). Mostly they're harmless I imagine and I don't let them raise my blood pressure. In fact, I'm beginning to look forward to seeing the next 'fashion' (foglights on with sidelights is so passe these days, don't you think?).
8 ball
Ultimate Tacky Car ! - Anglesey Ian
I too have seen cars with underside lighting.

Is it legal to do that?

Somewhere in my past I remember reading that roadgoing vehicles must have white lights to the front and red to the rear. It is hard to ignore that there is a recent proliferation of cars fited with blue lights on wipers, bonnet air intakes etc

Any comments ?

Ultimate Tacky Car ! - Leon on Derv
I understand from some of my younger baseball cap wearing "aquaintences" that the latest automotive fasion accessories for your motor take the form of cold cathode tubes which are used to create the afore mentioned underside glow inside the passenger cabin.

Very sexy from outside the motor I am sure, but my own personal preference for night driving is to have the inside of the car in pitch darkeness with nothing illuminated but the instrumentation.

Ultimate Tacky Car ! - weatherwitch
I've never seen internal car lights like those described, I'd hate that, surely it distorts night vision? Sigh, young 'uns these days :D (I'm 30!)

I'm not keen on the blue headlights either, I find them rather more blinding to approach than normal ones.

Asthesitically I like the little blue lights, however I think they are a distraction and potentially hazardous since when you see them you wonder what on earth is coming towards you. Are these legal?

I'm trying to work out whether these are better or worse additions than the 'Kevin and Tracey' style sun visor strips you used to see on car windscreens in the 80's LOL

Ultimate Tacky Car ! - No Do$h
Saw a beauty on Saturday evening. A K plate astra merit 3 door in wedgewood blue, lowered, alloys, bolt on skirts, huge exhaust and...... A big circle of blue LEDs mounted in the exhaust pipe! They flashed in sequence, sort of knight-rider in a circle.

Highly illegal as only permitted to show red lights at rear with exception of amber when indicating and white when reversing.

Highly dubious as the purpose of a larger bore exhaust is to allow more gas flow, so sticking a bunch of LEDs in like a cork will tend to hinder that, methinks. Mind you, it was a whopper of a tailpipe, more suited to 2.5 than 1.4.
Ultimate Tacky Car ! - Dynamic Dave
huge exhaust and...... A big circle of blue LEDs mounted in
the exhaust pipe! They flashed in sequence, sort of knight-
rider in a circle.

Ian (Cape Town) previously posted a link to Ebay of such an item. I've found his thread, but the ebay link is no longer valid. Not sure if they were LEDs, but maybe some other type of lighting - neon?


Ultimate Tacky Car ! - peterb
"Ultimate Tacky Car!"

And no one has mentioned the City Rover yet.....

The other day I saw a newish silver Lexus GS300 with under lights. I can just about understand Kevin tarting-up his Nova but why would you do it to a quality car?
Ultimate Tacky Car ! - Dipstick
Peterb! Lawks! Where was this?

Someone is letting the marque down big time!
Ultimate Tacky Car ! - Maz
I live in a tacky car area and the grim mods to the Lexus are a regular sight.

For some reason US Gangsta rappers have latched on to Lexii big time (could it be the bullet-proof build quality) and this has helped to make them a hit with the types who 'roll in a posse' and like to 'big up their local massive'.
Ultimate Tacky Car ! - THe Growler
We've had 'em for a couple of years over here: purple, orange, blue, take your pick. They do one which flashes as well. Get this along with a set of illuminated tyre valve caps.

Imported here from Japan I believe.

You can also get lengths of plastic tube with flashing neon LED's to hook up to the ignition (cut to fit)on your bike and illuminate the engine similarly. To be really cool you need a baseball cap with peak set at 45 degrees: full reversal is now dated I'm told.

If you're a congressman's son or the progeny of the police chief's mistress or and Dad bought your BM, get this kit on your car, black out your windows, throw away your license plates and you can do anything you like, including parking on the pavement outside Starbucks, as I noted the other day....

Ultimate Tacky Car ! - terryb
You mean you've got Starbucks over there? I thought you said it was the nearest thing to paradise! :o)

Ultimate Tacky Car ! - THe Growler
We've got more Starbucks, Body Shops, McDonalds, Gaps, Kenny Rogers, Burgers Kings and Marks and Spencers than you can shake a stick at (unfortunately). Paradise is found elsewhere ;=)

What was I going to do was make a joke about the heart doctor who decided to visit a car auction to see if he could pick up a bargain and his wife kissing him good-bye and saying to him "now take care today and be sure not to get a tacky car, dear"...but I won't.
Ultimate Tacky Car ! - peterb
"For some reason US Gangsta rappers have latched on to Lexii big time"

Looks like it's the Audi for me next time, then....
Ultimate Tacky Car ! - BobbyG
On Ebay, the Clear rear lights as sported by every boy racer in his Saxo are referred to as "Lexus Style".

Therefore it is safe to assume that the responsibility for all these tacky Saxos can be traced back to Lexus............

Choking yet PeterB??


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