Z28 Transmission noise - Kevin
In HJ's column in today's Telegraph he had a query from a Chevy Z28 owner with a transmission noise. HJ's advice that it's probably the torque convertor is spot on but:

If the owner is a lurker here in the BR and reading this, I'd recommend that you check the fluid level first. It's real easy to get the reading wrong and I've heard other reports that over/underfilling can cause the symptoms you describe.

I'd also recommend the following sites for fellow Z28/Firebird owners.



Z28 Transmission noise - Kevin
I don't think you were mistaken with the advice you gave.

When the transmission mounts are on their way out the first symptom is usually a distinctive 'clunk' when the 'box is put into Drive and a similar noise whenever you backoff the throttle.
It's a known problem but not expensive to fix.

You might want to include this in the Car-by-Car breakdown for '96 and later models.

1) The window motors on Z28s and Firebirds are their biggest weak point. If you are thinking of buying a Z28 or Firebird make sure that the windows operate smoothly. GM UK will only supply a new window motor complete with the regulator arm (£300+ each). You can buy a replacement motor in the US for about $50 and the Siemens units seem to fix the problem.

2) The 6-speed manual models (were they ever available in UK?) had a problem with vibration through the transmission. Fixed by replacing the propshaft.



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