Goodbye backroom - daryld
I have just been warned (again) by my manager that I have been accessing he Ebay website, which is contrary to my company's internet-use-whilst-at-work policy ('thou shalt not access sites where purchases can be made on-line').

It appears that the multiple Ebay pop ups I keep getting whilst visiting are the culprit.

Ironically, my firm do not mind the accessing of the honest john site (they have been monitoring that too). But the Ebay stuff is no-go for me.

So this is may last thread-or it is the Job Centre for me. Thanks to everyone for all your help and advice over the past year. I regret that I will not be able to read any responses.
Goodbye backroom - Mark (RLBS)

I have sympathy for you. As it happens there is the same situation at my work place. As an aside I wonder why your company is not using an internet filter, as we do, which stops unacceptable sites rather than retrospectively trying to penalise people for it.

I do hope that you manage to find another way to come back here, be that from home or internet cafe or something else.

Having said that, however, there is not much we can do. For a long time this site was losing money, at times quite substantially so. That was always a high risk place to be, and could have eventually meant the closure of the site.

When full control passed to HJ he put, and continues to put, a great deal of effort into obtaining advertising revenues and sponsorship deals. This is not a matter of HJ getting rich out of the site; if he was I\'d get more than a ploughmans and a pint of naff beer per year ! This is a case of HJ managing to keep the site going and paying for itself, rather than taking money from his pocket (which he would not be prepared to do more than he already does, and we can\'t really expect him to do).

We are lucky that HJ *wants* to maintain this site as much as he does, since the profit alone would be insufficient to motivate him, or at least it wouldn\'t be enough for me.

Therefore we have to have the advertisements, of all types. There are times when it gets annoying for me as well, but frankly not as annoying as not having the site would be. There are times when we have advertisments for sites such as e-bay, which some companies will not permit. Of course at other times the adverts are acceptable to all. I cannot tell you when will be which.

In my personal opinion pop-ups are probably a dying trend since most advertisers, at least the respectable ones that we use, are starting to see the inadequacies of them as a medium. I would be surprised if we continued to see them much into next year.

And the costs we are dealing with are not one-off costs, they are recurring monthly costs. So the site needs a constant revenue stream.

I realise that to you, that just means that the pop-ups will remain and that gives you issues at work; but I am trying to explain why it is that way.

In the end the advertising allows this site to remain and a lot of people to enjoy it.

Sorry for the way it impacts you.

if anyone wishes to e-mail Daryld and he wishes it, then e-mail me and I\'ll pass them through, assuming his e-mail address is not visible in his profile - I haven\'t checked.


p.s. end of discussion;


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