Those wonderful Insurance people - soarer
Oh Dear!!! never rains.......

Just had my Insurance people phone me regarding the description of car, when i originally phoned & arranged cover i told them it was a Lexus Soarer, as thats how it was advertised...when i realised it said Toyota Soarer on the V5 i phoned them but had top leave a message on the answer phone.

The person who phoned back says is the car an import?? I said ofcourse its an import all soarers are , she said "Oh i'll have to see what the insurance Co says"

Now they gave me a quote for a Lexus Soarer .as they are all imports will this make a difference....i mean how did they give me a quoite in the first place and not know they are all imported???

Last thing is Toyota on all the V5 log books as mine , i would have thought so ?? Its just people calling & badgeing their cars "Lexus" which i can't be bothered with .

Cheers. :confused:
Quick Update as i write:

Today i had yet another call from my Insurance broker (PSP) most apologetic that the Insurance Co has in formed them that they can not cover the car as it is a "Grey"but will give me afew days "Grace" to find another Co that will cover me!

Wonderfull , even more so when i point out that it is a "Cherised poilicy Ltd mileage "set at 5000 per annum they offer me an alternative policy with Norwich union that is not limited miles 3 years bonus at £1465 which is about £1167.83p more than i had paid! SOo quite a difference..Ok i know i can be covered for around £697 but this would mean i would have to take the NCB from my other insurance which then make that rise a £175 Great!!
Insurance Companys are not my favourite flavour this year, they took 2 years bonus from me in september when a cretin set fire to a car in a public car park that spread to my & 2 other cars and because i made a claim i mam now a risk as the car that was originally set alight was a stolen this has affeected all my vehicles as regards Insurance.

Legalised robbery 2nd only to speed camera's..anyway what i'm peeved at is that they quoted me for a LExus Soarer & now that i've pointed out that its a "Toyota" they wont entertain it, i've pointed out that there is no such car as a Lexus Soarer in RHD & that they are all "Toyota's" therfore "all" Soarers are Grey imports but No No in fact the cover note they sent me said it was a Lexus Sourer & the insurance broker was telling me thats what they had quoted me on not a Soarer!!!! Arrghhh! help i'm shrinking.


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