New Shape A3 Electrics - hallrob1
It seems like there may be some gremlins in the electrics of the first batch of the new shape A3.
I?ve just had my 2 week old Audi A3 taken by the RAC to my Audi dealer with non-functioning wipers (very entertaining on the M5 today in torrential rain). Upon explaining the problem to reception they asked me to park it next to the other two A3?s with the same problem which have been awaiting parts for 2 weeks or more ?The RAC guy was quite familiar with the new A3 having been called out to a few with electrical problems but in the other cases he was able to cure by resetting the system.
New Shape A3 Electrics - daveyjp
Yet more evidence to suggest that waiting 12 months before buying a new model isn't such a bad idea. Does the A3 use the same set up as the A4 i.e. one wire operating computer chips rather than a traditional wiring loom? If so I'm surprised the system's not sorted by now.
New Shape A3 Electrics - hallrob1
Yes - I can hear my father now, "don't buy the new model son, let someone else find all the problems" The RAC told me that it uses multiplex wiring which I assume is what you mean by a one wire system
New Shape A3 Electrics - runboy
I think Audi's system or wiring is called can-bus.

New Shape A3 Electrics - peterb
"New Shape A3 Electrics"

And there was me thinking that they were only available in petrol and diesel....

Sorry to hear about your problems. Although brand new models can be a hassle, there's something nice about having a car that isn't very common yet.
New Shape A3 Electrics - hallrob1
I've just had an update on this and there is an accepted problem and Audi are considering a recall. It's a faulty wiper motor and I've been quoted between 3 and 5 weeks for delivery. Hopefully this doesn't turn out like the coil problem that VAG had last year.

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