Headlight adjustment - neccessary? - escort man
Hi y'all.

just a quicky,

The front nearside headlight has blown this morning - ive got replacements ready at home to put in. Bought the new Osram Silver Super high power a while ago but never got round to changing them.

But advise please on whether its neccessaery to get a garage to adjust the headlight beam after just replacing the bulbs.

Its the H4 2 fillament type with the 3 prongs that just unclip and pop out.
I intend to replace them with the uttermost care so as not to move the reflector, so would back roomers suggest getting the allignment checked, is this likely to upset the alignment, or will it not have changed (how easy is it to knock out of place?)

The MOT was only last month and the lights were correcly alligned then.

Car is 92 Ford Escort

Incidently, isnt it annoying how the little things go wrong just AFTER an MOT/service!!!


Oh, and yes i am going to replace both at the same time! :)
Headlight adjustment - neccessary? - RichardW
No, shouldn't necessary to re-align the lights. The 3 prongs will positively locate the bulbs, and the alignment is set by a number of bolts.

Take heed of the advice not to touch the bulbs, and if you do carefully clean the surface with meths to remove your fingerprints, or the bulbs may get hot spots and shatter.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....

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