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Can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to remove the standard radio/cassette from a T Reg Toyota Picnic. It has the standard \"face off front\".
Do I look to slip the radio removal tools down the side once I have taken the front panel off? Someone has once told me that the actual radio is secured by a bolt behind the dashboard?

Any clues?
Radio Removal - Civic8
You are pretty much right.There is on most radio`s a nut that prevents removal take it off if is fitted on the rear of dash it may be fiddly to get to.but if fitted the radio won`t come out.
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Not strictly true ref the nut at the back.

Most cars ship from the factory without the car radio. Obvious reason being none of them would ever arrive with radio. (this was certainly the case in the last 6 years tho this is changing now) Hence fitting is made easy for the dealers, who just slide them in prior to sale.
The radio is basically in two parts. Radio and its cage. The cage is fitted into the dash at manufacture. The radio slides into the cage. (and out again obviously)

you should have two holes either side of the radio front. The tools slot in the holes, releases the catch and should slide out. Sometimes the holes are filled with a small alen screw.

If I remember the picnic its a standard din hole, no fancy front.

And before you start shouting, yes i know there are lots of exceptions to this rule, but i think the picnic fits into the normal type.
Radio Removal - Andy P
Easiest thing to do is ask a Toyota dealer. When I needed tools to remove the radio from my Accord, my Honda dealer gave me the required bits for nothing.

Radio Removal - Toyota. - Civic8
R-F is pretty much right the best thing to do is try the tools out.It can be a pain getting them out but then it may pop out no problem.I don`t know what tool is supplied to remove it as some face off`s use a double spike on each side others use a single plate about 10 mm wide 2/3 mm thick.should not be too much of a problem though.let me know how you get on

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