Distraction - the gameshow - Leon on Derv
Are any of you as sad as myself - that you watch the so-called gameshow called distraction?

Anyhow - now for the all important motoring association.

I have been surprised the two weeks when the mini was being smashed up at the end of the show just how tough the headlamp lenses were. It often takes two or three good blows from a club hammer to smash them through.


PS - do you reckon they patch the cars up at the shows expense?

Distraction - the gameshow - Ben79
What surprises me was once the polycarbonate lens was broken, that it often took another few smacks to break the bulb.

So, even if the seat had a stanley knife cut, broken lights, bonnet and mirrors, I think it would still be a very good value MINI.

The paint may even be cleaned off by a competent bodyshop for little charge.


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