Laser alert - worth it? - Adam {P}
Right....I know I am using this forum a lot but considering the experts that use it, I feel this may be useful. I am a very careful driver (albeit relatively new). I very rarely go over the limit admittedly for fear of racking up 6 points and losing my licence. However, I have been very worried by recent events whereby a friend has been 'done' for speeding at 34 mph in a 30 zone. I know what you're thinking - oh boy racer but no.l This friend is in fact a neighbour at the age of 69 who has never had ANY convictions in his entire driving career...until now. This posting is going somewhere beleive me....

I don't know how to explain this without advocating speeding (which I will say, in some cases is perfectly safe) but I have seen this product.

I know it will only provide protection from camera and laser vans but I wanted to ask people's opinions of this product. Could people please check it out and let me know if it really is going to work. I understand that it is difficult to test once you get the product as you can't just go out and find a camera van (but I bet you if I didn't get it there would be plenty!) Many thanks and sorry for the long message.

P.S. No-one need lecture me on the perils of speeding - I fully understand that speed can, in some cases be dangerous and fully intend to take an advanced driving course as soon as I can. Many thanks
Laser alert - worth it? - smokie
Adski - there is a similar question already under discussion here Suggest you keep an eye on that one.
Laser alert - worth it? - Adam {P}
Thanks Smokie - I will check it out.

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