Pug Bolt Torque Urgent - Peter D
Hi, I have left my manual at a mates house and need to adjust my daugthers Pug 106 1998 1.1 cam belt tension in the morning. Can anyone tell be the torque figure for the cam belt tensioner centre bolt. Thanks Guys. Peter
Pug Bolt Torque Urgent - Peter D
23 NM I've got my manual back. Mind you you can not a torque wrench in anyway. Made a tension tool from 8mm square section bar 160 mm long and bent at 90 degrees 20mm from the end.
Pug Bolt Torque Urgent - Civic8
As long as it`s tightened up to a non too hard a tolerance ie you can undo it yourself that should be ok.I don`t know anyone that torques to a man/spec/I would be surprised if you do.if you do let me know

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