Dead Battery under Warranty - frostbite
I had my first experience of 'modern' sudden & total battery failure the other day.

As it was a 36mth warranty 'Car Jack' (exide) and just 26mths old I took it back to Makro, with the receipt. I was half prepared for them to say something about a proportional refund, but they swapped it without question.

Only thing was, the price has now increased by £2.35, and they charged me this on the exchange.

Did I do well on the deal - a battery for 2yrs for a couple of quid - or did I lose out by paying the difference?
Dead Battery under Warranty - Altea Ego
Errrrrr NO. a 36th month warranty is a 36 month warranty. It could have gone up a hundred quid, you dont pay any more.
Dead Battery under Warranty - Sooty Tailpipes
Yes, you definately shouldn't have to pay more!
Dead Battery under Warranty - Vansboy
Get the over-charged amount back, next time you're shopping.


Do they now consider this to be a NEW sale, thus granting you a FURTHER 3 years warranty, on the exchanged battery??

& if anyone else has to buy a new battery, check out Unipart's Lifetime guarantee - they give you a new battery if it EVER fails, so long as you still have it on the original car you bought it for.

Dead Battery under Warranty - Armitage Shanks{P}
My experience of warranties on small household electrical items (fans toasters, kettles etc) is that if something with a 12 month warranty is replaced at, say, 9 months, the replacement only has another 3 months warranty and not a new 12 month one. Whether this reads over to bigger things like car batteries, alternators etc I don't know.
Dead Battery under Warranty - martint123
The way Macro seem to have done it is to give you a full refund for your faulty Item and sold you a new one at normal price - so yes, I'd guess you have a full warranty again. Checking the docs is the only way to find out.
Dead Battery under Warranty - frostbite
Yes, that is precisely what they've done - issued a returns credit for faulty item and a sales invoice for the new one, so presumably the warranty is renewed.

This is the first time I have been back to Makro since that purchase (not on my list of favourites) and had to re-register as I had dropped off the system.

I don't think it's worth the inevitable time waste to go chasing a couple of pounds.

Thanks all for your comments.
Dead Battery under Warranty - Aprilia
Makro are very good at replacing faulty items. I had a 10 month old fax machine go wrong. They gave me a full refund without question. I bought another new one (and the price had dropped in the meantime!).
Dead Battery under Warranty - martint123
Thanks, handy to hear of Makro's good policy - I did wonder a bit with it being a trade warehouse with dozens of disclaimers on the back of the receipt.


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