thoughtless drivers - a question - borasport20
on the way into work this morning -

I'm approaching a Y junction where the A571 and 49 join. 100 yds before the junction is a street used as a rat run. Traffic on the A49 is heavier so people cut through to save a few seconds over a hundred yards. Someone has come down the rat run and pulled out onto the A571 even though there is no room, so they are blocking the lane coming AWAY from the junction -
result, traffic coming out of the junction stops, the junctions blocked and nobody can go anywhere

Then there is the two-lane roundabout at Aspull, where traffic waiting to turn right can't because of the mondeo blocking the outside lane, even though he could have let it through by waiting for five seconds, and the queue of traffic he is in will be moving at walking pace for three miles

Then there is the person (gender unknown, totally black tinted windows on king-cab pickup truck) dropping kid off at school. School is on a traffic light controlled crossroads and opposing lane is full of queue of traffic. pickup driver could (a) pull up on pavement, allowing traffic to flow, (as most parents do, before pulling off pavement without indicating) (b) pull over into school drive, allowing traffic to flow, or (c) park across the end of the school drive whilst still blocking the road - would you like to guess which ?.
So now we've got stationary traffic backing up through the lights, the pickup driver pulls off all of two yards and tries to turn right through the queue of traffic in the opposing lane, that can't get through the lights because the junction is full of traffic that can't get past the pickup...... (who shouldn't be turning down that street as it's a no access/residents only street, and if the pickup drove 100 yards forward, they could turn right down a street not blocked by stationary traffic that they could use legitimately


now, the question
Who'll support my application for a shotgun licence ;-)
thoughtless drivers - a question - terryb
>now, the question
>Who'll support my application for a shotgun licence ;-)

I will, provided you come down to Surrey for a periodic cull. However, I do object strongly to cars parking on the pavement. Ditto cycle riders on the pavement. That's for pedestrians and cars parked on it cause difficulties for wheelchairs, pushchairs, blind people, school "walking buses" etc.

thoughtless drivers - a question - billy25
"walking buses" etc.

how long before the gov makes these the *standard* for public transport requirements!!!

thoughtless drivers - a question - Mark (RLBS)
The ones that annoy me are exactly those people at crossroads and roundabouts who refuse to let people cross their line, even though they are unable to go anywhere further forward themselves.

I think its more mindless than thoughtless.

Also people who will not let traffic out of a side road. Presumably because they never use a side road themselves and never need to join slow moving traffic.

And tailgaters ! What is that about ? Is there some assumption that I will drive faster because they are within inches of my tail (I don't, I slow down) or is there some idea that the vehicle I am overtaking will magically disappear so that I can pull back in ? (and I don't, I'll stay in the outside lane slowe and slower until they pull back off my tail).

And lastly, I drive a lot on cruise control; I don't drive particularily fast, usually around the speed limit, its not worth trying to drive faster on busy roads you just spend all your time braking, nor am I worried about beating everybody else. It is amazing how many people will suddenly accelerate on a dual carriageway as you are about to pass them, only to slow back down as soon as you pull in behind them.
thoughtless drivers - a question - daveyjp
Or people who tailgate while you are doing 40 in a 40 zone, use the right turn only lane at a set of lights as an opportunity to overtake and go straight on and then insist on driving at 35 in the 40 zone, thus hindering your progress!! What's all that about Mr Audi driver on Stanningley Road, Leeds last night? Maybe he didn't like being behind a smart!!!!
thoughtless drivers - a question - Jazzmag
Here, here Mark!

My 309 diesel is at the best of times a little on the 'challenged' side when overtaking on the motorway. It's not exactly performance driving, but I'm quite happy to plod along at 70- 75 mph.

So I'm amazed at the amount of fragile egos out there! If I 'dare' overtake their shiny pride & joy in my old heap invariably they'll speed up and prevent me overtaking (I'm flat out at 85mph, with little acceleration to speak of!!) So I'm forced to drop in behind them, where they'll slow back down again to sub 70mph.

Must have happend 4 - 5 times on my last drive up from Plymouth to Oxford. Arrrgh!!! Get over it guys - I'm not trying to prove anything - I just want to get home!!!

thoughtless drivers - a question - billy25
It is amazing how many people will suddenly accelerate on a dual carriageway as you are about to pass them, only to slow back down as soon as you pull in behind them.

i must admit,i have resorted to doing something similar to this,mainly out of frustration.

having a beefy,sporty-looking car, i have found that i am being made a target, by the local baseball-cap brigade, who with their souped-up tin cans, think the best way to show the car full of mates with them, what their car can to "burn me off".

i never used to rise to the bait, having them follow me a couple of miles-flashing their lights,then fly past me and slow to almost a crawl,(to force me to overtake them).when i draw level with them they then "start a race".

the best way i have found to deal with them(rightly or wrongly)is to keep them behind. they don't half lose face quick, in front their mates, and tend to stay quietly behind,until either of us turns off.

mindless idiots!

thoughtless drivers - a question - pdc {P}
It is amazing how many people will suddenly accelerate on a
dual carriageway as you are about to pass them, only to
slow back down as soon as you pull in behind them.
i must admit,i have resorted to doing something similar to this,mainly
out of frustration.
having a beefy,sporty-looking car, i have found that i am being
made a target, by the local baseball-cap brigade, who with their
souped-up tin cans, think the best way to show the car
full of mates with them, what their car can to
"burn me off".

Encountered the Old Trafford baseball-cap brigade on Saturday night, on the dual carriage way (40mph limit) between Man Utd and the Trafford Center. They were in a P reg Astra, with a dustbin for an exhaust.

They tried to beat me away from the lights on a roundabout, but failed, because of the rainy conditions and their lack of Electronic Stability Program. They then tried it on again at a set of lights on a straight, and failed.

At the third set of lights I pulled off ahead of them again but settled at 40mph and let them take the lead. As they passed they flicked the V's and honked several times.

I got more pleasure honking them further down the road, when the police car that had been behind me at the third set of lights, had pulled them over.

It made my day.
thoughtless drivers - a question - borasport20

Was the police car taxed ?


thoughtless drivers - a question - pdc {P}
didn't have time to stop and check, but I think one of it's blue lights was out ;-)
thoughtless drivers - a question - Malcolm_L
Wasn't an intermittent fault ;-)
thoughtless drivers - a question - pdc {P}
It was actually. Kept flashing on and off. Rear brakes also exhibited same fault. Must be something wrong in the wiring loom?
thoughtless drivers - a question - Malcolm_L
Respect - I play a similar game with speed cameras\'s - if anyone feels particular partial to my cars rear end, I make a pretence of trying to leave them, then pull over and adjust my speed just before the speed camera.
They\'re so impressed with themselves they often miss the speed camera which gives me deep joy - cruel but satisfying.

3 points and a £40 fixed wipes the smile of anyones face.

thoughtless drivers - a question - pdc {P}
Used to be really easy to do this on the A556 between the M6 and M56, until they moved the road sign that the s************ was hidden behind. The camera was just close enough to the traffic lights for people to still be accelerating in race mode.
thoughtless drivers - a question - bradgate
Thoughtlessness on the road comes in many different types.

Tailgaters are indeed prats. I never do it and find it annoying when others do it to me. I would suggest, however, that people who find themselves being tailgated frequently might ask why this is the case, and might look at their own driving.

As any journey on Britain's motorways will confirm, the 70mph speed limit is regarded as absurd by most drivers, unenforceable by the police and is ignored by almost everyone.

Surely, then, the '69mph in lane 3' club are guilty to at least some degree of provoking the tailgaters?

If some people want to drive at 69mph on the motorway by all means do so but could they please do their bit to reduce tailgating by simply getting out of everyone else's way while doing it.
thoughtless drivers - a question - Malcolm_L
About cruise control - I thought it was me, I set a speed when traffic conditions allow and am always amazed at how other cars speeds vary.
Up and down hills I accept, but how irritating is it when cars drive up your rear, overtake and then slow down so you have to overtake to maintain your speed.

This often turns into a \'game\' which I normally end by leaving em for dead, albeit at the risk of getting tugged.

thoughtless drivers - a question - borasport20
looks like we've got a posse !

meet at guns'r'us at half five.

while wer'e ranting - I struggle into Bolton every morning down the A673, and the last 1.5 miles will take about 15 minutes, so I don't have any problem stopping to let anybody out from any of the 9 junctions on the left, or to turn across me off the main road, and i've noticed two things -

stop to let someone coming towards you turn across you and you nearly always get a wave

stop to let someone come in from the left in front of you and they NEVER let anyone else in

Bora - what Bora ?
thoughtless drivers - a question - Blurred
Like it or not tailgating to get people to speed up / move over does sometime work.
Bit like gambling, sometimes you win therefore you keep doing it in the hope of further success.

Flash of the lights and beep of the horn also sometimes works.
thoughtless drivers - a question - MrWibble
So does ramming their car and loosing off a few round from your 9mm !
thoughtless drivers - a question - Hawesy1982
The thoughtlessness i frequently find is when i am waiting at a very busy residential junction, with me on the major road with no filter trying to turn right.

The car waiting to turn right out of the minor road pulls forward to block the traffic coming towards me, because they are impatient to turn themselves and need me to move first.

Then the first car coming towards me, instead of letting me turn which would allow the whole system to flow again, pulls right up to the car blocking his path, the one pulling out of the side road!

This means no-one can go anywhere, and someone needs to reverse to clear space for the others to pass! But they cant because everyone behind them is also on autopilot so has closed right up!

Last time this happened i had to drive forward past two or three cars, nip across a gap left by someone coming towards me, mount the pavement and then drive back towards the junction on the (thankfully wide and unpopulated) pavement! That was the only way anyone could move!

Furious burning rage doesnt even come close to describing that, especially when i'm the one who did nothing wrong yet am the one who has to use some seriously evasive tactics to clear up others mistakes.

Right, deep breaths, 1,2,3,4.....
thoughtless drivers - a question - Obsolete
Since we are engaged in a group therapy session, I hate:
People who drive for miles at 40mph in a 60 limit and then on reaching a 30 limit carry on at 40.

Lane 2 hogs who cruise in lane 2 when lane 1 is empty.

People who form a long line of cars in lane 2 when lane 1 is mostly empty apart from one car way ahead. Ditto for lane 3.

People who tail gate.

People who will not let you change lanes to over take someone on on a motorway. (Is it any wonder some people lane 2 hog?)

People who park anywhere regardless of the inconvenience it causes.

People who do not let you merge when you are in lane 2 and lanes 1 and 2 combine. Instead they race from behind to undertake you, forcing you into oncoming traffic.

Regarding the tail gating comment, I get tail gated all the time and I am not at fault.

Well, that's enough winging from me. It's someone elses turn.
thoughtless drivers - a question - OldPeculiar
I certainly agree with the "people not letting you into lane 2 winge" I find this an annoyance on a daily basis - particuarly the people who like to snuggle up in your blind spot and match your speed.

I do try to make an effort when in lane 2 to either hurry up and overtake someone in lane 1 or back off to let them out if their approaching something they'll want to overtake.
thoughtless drivers - a question - Hawesy1982
People who do not let you merge when you are in lane 2 and lanes 1 and 2 combine. Instead they race from behind to undertake you, forcing you into oncoming traffic.

Or how about where in urban/semi-urban roads two lanes reduce to one, with warning signs for a good few hundred yards that lane 2 is going, yet there's always at least one (sorry BMW drivers but it really is almost always one of yours) car which stays in lane 2 sooooo long they end up using hatched areas before eventually barging into the single lane without indicating or saying thankyou afterwards.
thoughtless drivers - a question - Brill {P}
People who clearly think I'm mad when I stick to the limit on our local 30/40mph stretches, and are under the mistaken impression that I'll go faster if they tailgate. But to cap it all they'll give a shake of the head as I turn off. Makes me want to turn back, chase them, drag them out of their car and ask them quite what they thought I was doing wrong...every day.


[phew, that's better}.
thoughtless drivers - a question - Obsolete
Brill: Thanks for reminding me about that one!
thoughtless drivers - a question - helicopter
I hate the drivers on my local commute who , because of half mile queue to turn right at a roundabout try to cut across to the right and barge in at the front or on the roundabout.
Because of this long queue I altered my route to work by going to next roundabout where turning right is not a problem. Takes about a minute longer on my journey and my revised route is sometimes quicker even if a bit longer.
Greatly pleased me this morning to see police car sitting by the roundabout preventing this unsavoury practice and lots of the usual suspects forced to carry on straight down the road.
thoughtless drivers - a question - No Do$h
Stuff the shotgun licence, it's time to install the Milan Anti-Tank system to the roofrack.
thoughtless drivers - a question - Stargazer {P}
Or the drivers that sit in the overtaking lane 20 yards behind you at the same speed making no effort to overtake for miles....until you come up behind a slow car or lorry in the same lane as you. With pleanty of road left you check mirror and blind spot, start to indicate and the car behind you accelerates blocking you in and preventing the overtake. Sharp braking required and cancelling indicator having lost all overtaking speed.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother moving back in to the nearside lane after an overtake.

Ian L.
thoughtless drivers - a question - daveyjp
Or the 38 tonne wagon driver who decided to pull straight in to the inside lane of the M60 motorway 100m from the jcn 16 slip road before gaining any speed, before indicating and before looking that there was a gap. Result? I'm forced to use the hard shoulder to undertake the wagon driver and exit at jcn 16. Absolute idiot who shouldn't be in charge of a scooter never mind 38 tonnes.
thoughtless drivers - a question - clariman
Or the idiot in a red T reg Mitsubishi Carisma (misnomer!) who pulled out in fromt of me in Liverpool yesterday afternoon at about 4:25pm, forcing me to take evasive action.

It looked deliberate. There were no cars behind me so there was no need to do that.

And who then made sure I couldn't get in the lane I needed when he was weaving all over the show whilst talking on his hand-held mobile.


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