Hands Off - helicopter
With the new 'hands free' mobile phone legislation coming in , completely unnecessary IMO - my question to all you folks out there today is what is the stupidest reason you have seen for a driver to have at least one hand off the wheel.Keep it clean please.

I nominate the chap I used to see regularly commuting to work in a back lane having a shave at around 40mph ( no - not with the soap and cuthroat)but a battery operated razor.

I quite regularly see girls applying makeup , surely this and eating drinking and smoking at the wheel are all as potentially distracting as a mobile.

We have a charge 'Driving without due care and attention' which surely covers mobile use.

Who remembers the man who caused a major motorway accident reching for a packet of sweets.

Over to you.
Hands Off - NARU
When I'm on the motorbike, I regularly see some outrageous behaviour, but it has to be said that 80% of them involve a mobile phone.

/Rant I understand the crackdown on speed (and support much of it) but understand presecutions for careless driving, etc have halved in the past few years. I'd like to get back to the days of more traffic police! The worst I saw was last year - someone driving with at most a 1" slit cleared through their icy windscreen. /Rant over

The worst I saw this week was someone cleaning the near side door mirror - leaning across the car whilst moving in the traffic queue.

Hands Off - helicopter
I used to love motor bikes and still have a licence, I even worked for five months in London as a courier when times were hard.

Don't you just love it when you are on the motorbike overtaking a car in slow moving traffic and they toss their lit cigarette end out off the window into your face - or even better the fellow I encountered stopped at the traffic lights who opened his offside car door to deposit contents of his ashtray into the street. He thought becaise he was stopped everything else was as well and didn't check the mirror for motorbikes.
Sweet words of joy were passed between us.
Happy biking.
Motorbikes - LongDriver {P}
I have a similar affection for the idiots who think it's clever to take the baffles out of their motobike exhaust pipes and dress like a Power Ranger. Makes them look cool in their opinions I guess. The two wheeled version of a Nova fitted withy baked bean tin and baseball cap IMHO.

So it's not just car drivers who are annoying, is it ????
Motorbikes - helicopter
LD - It sure isn't.

I love bikes and have ridden them since 1967 but even with a full licence and a hot summer I am not tempted to become 'born again'.It really is becoming too easy for the local undertakers.

Having said that , I live about a mile from the local by pass and am still constantly annoyed by the boy bike racers decibel level (Sunday mornings seem to be particularly attractive to these idiots for an ear splitting blast).

As for the power ranger look , when I started riding bikes anybody in any other than black leather and skid lid was distinctly suspicous.

Its not a case of bikes or car drivers being annoying its general thoughtlessness and stupidity in car drivers (alright then ,and bike riders) that winds me up which is why I started the thread.
Motorbikes - zedzedeleven
Hello Helicopter. er, what is a power ranger ? Hope my frank thomas black on black doesn`t qualify me . Anyway, once followed a fellow biker at speed until he stood up and reached over the front of the bike to poke around with his headlight. Why I don`t know as it was broad daylight. I dropped back after that, not wanting to be part of his (inevitable) accident. I can only assume he had a lens cover fitted and was checking its security.
Motorbikes - Roger Jones
How about the delivery driver I saw on the mobile phone while reading a map -- all at 30 mph or so?

The new legislation would not have been necessary had existing law been enforced properly, as it should have been. It was not enforced because the police authorities think they have higher priorities for the limited resources that we saw flooding London for Busherama last week -- how many thousands of police officers were suddenly available? -- priorities that some suggest have to do with revenue generation, form filling and office-bound activities. There's not the slightest hope that there will be more enforcement of the new law, more's the pity.
Motorbikes - helicopter
ZZ11 - Its a type of kids toy - I believe its a sort of spaceman look.
I believe that these days it really is too easy for the terminally stupid ( and even the eminently sensible)to terminate themselves on two wheels.You might meet that guy on the country lane busily shaving - see start of this thread. Bike v Car - Car ALWAYS wins.
By the way ,did you see the inquest the other day on that biker who killed himself - he was filming himself with a video camera at, as I recall, 135mph when he hit the tree.
Just how stupid is that?
Motorbikes - Leon on Derv
Look out for that one on the new series of you've been framed....

Do you think such lunacy is inspired by sites like ghostrider.com or whatever its URL is?

Have to admit to filming myself on four wheels getting up to some off road antics. But the camera was mounted in the car.

Motorbikes - helicopter
All bikers would have to be a bit lunatic anyway to want to ride in the UK winter in rain ,snow or ice or in London .You gotta be mad to like cold water trickling down your neck or into the nether regions when the rain gear doesn't do its job.Sure it can be a joy in the summer on the open road until that one second of inattention or stupidity that can write you off.

I just had a thought - maybe the biker ZZ11 saw was adjusting his video camera instead of the headlamp.

You've been framed? - You've been creamed more like.


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