Golf 1996 Airbag warning light - linac eng
A colleage of mine's golf airbag warning lamp has come one permanently. Apparently when 1 year old the same thing happaned and he took it in to the dealer who plugged in a "device" and reset it and it was OK until now.

My suspicion is that there was a temporary break or poor connection in the airbag circuit that originally triggered the warning light.

What we need to know now is whether this latest event is just due to a glitch from worn slip rings/connector or whether its a real open circuit.

When the airbag lamp comes on permanently can this just be due to a momentary effect that triggers a latch forcing the lamp to stay on? If so how can it be reset ( Clearly re-occurence will indicate a genuine fault)

Anyone know of a common failure point with these?

Golf 1996 Airbag warning light - linac eng

Should look before posting - just found this:

Golf 1996 Airbag warning light - elekie&a/c doctor
the airbag w/light can come on for various reasons;slip ring fault,low battery voltage etc etc .The only way to get an accurate diagnosis is with plug in diagnostic via OBD serial link connector.(located to left of ashtray).Testing any other way is def not recommended.
Golf 1996 Airbag warning light - killie
Just joined the forum.
Recently bought a VW Polo 1.6 CL
Problem i'm having is that the Airbag light does not
appear on the Dash Board when the ignition is turned on

I know the Car was involved in accident to the offside Front which was repaired

Would this cause to the Airbag light to malfunction ?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Golf 1996 Airbag warning light - elekie&a/c doctor
The Polo has a similar system to the Golf.The airbag warning light should illuminate for a few seconds after switching ignition on while system performs self test.If light does not come on at all ,i would suspect that the bulb has been removed because of a system problem,possibly associated with damage to o/s/f of car.
Golf 1996 Airbag warning light - killie
Thanks for the advice if that's the case i expect it won't
be cheap to have it fixed though i'll try VW see what they say,

On another matter does anyone know if the 1600 cl 1998 model was fitted with ABS as standard or would that be an option ?

Thanks again


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