Golf GTi Seats - Bob Harris
I have a Mk4 1.8t Golf Gti with Recaro seats. I am tall(6ft 5in) and my backside is of 'generous' proportions. I find the metal frame of the seat squab digs in to the top of my right thigh and on a long trip gets extremely uncomfortable.

Does anyone know if it is possible to change the seat squab for one from a normal Golf? Or will a complete seat fit on the runners.

Any suggestions - other than slimming - would be much appreciated.

Re: Golf GTi Seats - Mike Harvey
I know the squab will not fit, as a recaro frame is individual, but its just possible a whole seat will fit. Make absolutely certain that the mountings are correct, and that the seat belt position and anchors are appropriate, otherwise the consequences of an accident could be horrific. Regards, Mike

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