Replacing 306TD wishbone bushes - solara

I need to replace the front wishbone bushes on my Pug 306TD 1993.
Rather than replace the complete wishbone, I have bought the two replacement bushes (a "P-bush" and "O-bush" for each side).

Any tips on doing this job much appreciated.

Replacing 306TD wishbone bushes - DL
An air chisel helps, believe me.

Removing the arm and cutting the old bushes off will be your best bet.

Not too bad a job.

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Replacing 306TD wishbone bushes - solara
Had a look at the haynes manual, and it looks fairly straight forward (no need for an air chisel!).
The lower front arm is held by two bolts (via the bushes) and another at the ball swivel nut.
The old bushes simply bolt off and new ones replaced.
Replacing 306TD wishbone bushes - Ross_D
So it wasn't too hard a job? The bushes on mine need replacing and so I'm going to have to do them sometime in the near future; I'm going to simply (hopefully, its never that simple!) remove the arm, replace the bushes and replace it.
Did you have to cut the old bushes out? Did they need to be pressed back in? My haynes manual just covers removal/refitting of the arm and not replacement of the bushes.
Sorry for all the questions!

Replacing 306TD wishbone bushes - DL
Ok........come back to me after you've done the job and tell me an air chisel wouldn't have been handy!

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Replacing 306TD wishbone bushes - solara
Guess I'll have to wait till the weekend to find out how much of a joy this job is gonna be.

What puzzles me is what exactly needs to be cut out?
The o-bush (front bush) "appears" as it will just slot out of the bolt and replace the worn one.
The p-bush (rear bush) is fixed by two bolts, so "should" come apart quite easily.

Both bushes have metal outer surface and metal inner surface moulded together by the rubber. Is it the front bush that needs chiselling out (metal wedged against metal?)

Replacing 306TD wishbone bushes - solara
Are there supposed to be 2 'O-bushes' per wishbone?
As I was given 1 per wishbone by my local spares outfit.

If there are 2 wedged in the front, then I can understand why pushing a pair of o-bushes simultaneously is going to be hard work.

As D.Ross asks, Should this be done using a hydraulic press?
I notice the outer rim of the o-bushes are convex, so they might be persuaded out with a hammer and chisel + some grease?
Replacing 306TD wishbone bushes - DL
One O bush and one P bush per wishbone.

Never replaced a front 'O' bush but I figure it would probably require a press.

The rear 'P' bush has an inner metal sleeve that is an interference fit on the back spigot of the wishbone - this is the one which will need some persuasion to part company.

-- - Pictures say a thousand words.....
Replacing 306TD wishbone bushes - solara
Went back to my local spares shop yesterday on the way home.
There are actually two "O-bushes" per front wishbone, and they are cylindrical and flanged on one side (not convex).

Now I see the problem, as they both fit together, with flanges on the outer side, and are wedged home hard. My plan of attack will be to try and chisel them out using the flange. If that fails, then I'll cut out the rubber mounting to give me access to the inner face. From which I should be able to chisel them outwards.

Dealing with the p-bush spigot doesn't sound as bad.

I dont think a hydraulic press will help with extraction, as there is not much to grip/press outwards with. However, if above methods dont work then I'll give the wishbone to my local garage to extract and replace bushes with whatever power tools they have.

Another temptation would be to replace the entire wishbone which comes complete with bushes + ball joint for £45. Not bad considering bushes alone cost £20.

Thanks for your help guys.
Replacing 306TD wishbone bushes - neil
I\'ve done this job (for its FIRST MOT... with only 28k miles!) on a ZX - exactly the same set-up. Trust me, buy the wishbone, it wasn\'t the best Saturday I ever spent, they\'re an absolute swine to do because chiseling bushes out is one thing, but how do you hold the wishbone? Without damaging it? That\'s why an air chisel would comne in handy - but save yourself a load of grief, buy the wishbone and you\'re with the smart money, believe it! (And replaced the bottom balljoint!)

You know it makes sense! ;-)

Replacing 306TD wishbone bushes - solara
Thats exactly what I did!
It was a pig of a job trying to persuade the wishbone to pop-out of the swivel joint.Ended up opening all bolts, before it finally decided to come out.Had to be careful not to pull out the driveshaft, to avoid an oil spill.

P-bushes were badly worn (1-2 centimetres of sloppy play!). Front o-bushes were cracked.

Had better things to do on the the weekend, so returned the bushes for a pair of complete wishbones. Putting in the new wishbone wasn't too bad, but had to lever the P-bushes in at an angle so that they would align with the holes.

Thanks all

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