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Notice period - 9000
I have a ninety day notice period in my employment contract. If I was to give notice and seek to terminate my employment before ninety days had elapsed does anyone know what would happen. The contract simply states that each party shall give ninety days notice for termination and does not go further.


Notice period - Mark (RLBS)
It depends entirely on your job as has been said.

Ironically most jobs which require 90 days to replace someone are also the same jobs that companies don't want people to do having shown "lack of commitment/motivation" by seeking employment elsewhere - especially if it is with a competitor.

I suggest that you talk to your HR group since notice periods are rarely enforced, and where they are it is typically "garden leave" which is enforced rather than continued working.

Frequent case is in return for agreeing to waive payment of notice most companies will waive the full notice period.

Other than those areas which might be termed unfair terms, these contracts are theoretically enforceable but rarely enforced.

Notice period - jeds
This is a fact and degree question. 90 day notice periods are usually considered 'unfair' on employees unless the situation is unusual.

If you work in a burger bar and the Company are able to replace you by 2 O'Clock that same afternoon then not a lot will happen. If, on the other hand, you are a key employee then the company may sue you for damages - if it can show some loss.

In reality I don't think anything would happen but it depends on the situation.
Notice period - Manatee
I have experienced this situation and took advice from a friend who happened to be an HR director at the time.

I'd given 3 months notice as required and was told to go home and be available for work, which they would send me. (I was leaving to go to a competitor and was frogmarched out of the office by security). There was a clause in my contract whereby I "agreed" that they could require me to work at any location within reasonable travelling distance of my home.

The work was "makework" and my new employer wanted me to start.

The issues were, if I "walked"
(i) would they sue for breach of contract (unlikely, the courts take a dim view of an employer depriving you of your liberty)
(ii) would they stop paying me (certainly, as they would be entitled to)
(iii) could they give me a bad reference (they have to be very careful about this, and most big employers won't give a bad ref under any circs - they prefer just not to give one)
(iv) other than being sued, what had I to lose by being in breach of contract? (I had some SAYE share options which I was entitled to excercise provided I wasn't in breach of contract).

It was only the last that stopped me from starting my new job.

I might say I would have been delighted to stick two fingers up as the "gardening leave" clause had been imposed during my period of employment. Even when an employer changes contracts unilaterally, if you want to carry on working there you are deemed to have accepted it, but I didn't considering morally binding.
PAYPAL e-mail carries Virus!!!!! - Hugo {P}
Honestjohn interrupting Hugo\'s original e-mail:

The fake PAYPAL e-mails carry a virus. Up to date Norton picks this up and quarantines them. But other virus checkers may not.
Don\'t open them. And don\'t run your mailer so it automatically goes from one e-mail to the next.



I have just been hit by a virus!

I received an e mail saying my Paypal account was due to expire in 5 days, and somehow, without opening it, the attached virus disabled my internet facility.

I know this is not motoring related and fully expect this to be moved, but I would appreciate leniency on the part of the MODs as I am sure that fellow E bay users probably read this forum much more than the E bay forum! I know I do.

Also I am hoping to help other BRs 7 hours of time it took me to put it right! I had to back up all my files onto a CD and REFORMAT my hard drive and re install everything and his dog!

All I can say is that I must have upset someone imortant - possibly even royalty and would like to apologise profusely to Mark, DD, ND and HJ, just in case it was any of them!

I will be writing to e bay and Paypal about this as well


\"Forever indebted to experience of others, especially where computers are involved!\"
E Bay Users Warning!!!!! - Leon on Derv
On a similar theme...

Be careful what you buy vehicle related from e-bay. Have a good friend who bought a modification for his impreza recently. He paid £70 for what sounded like a chip offering him another 10BHP. What he recieved was a small box of resistors (not even soldered onto a board!!!) which he could have bought from Maplins for 20p.

If there is no photo, don't even entertain it. I have advised him to try legal advice, but he feels too stupid to tell others.

E Bay Users Warning!!!!! - Hugo {P}
I think I've seen that "item".

There is a resistor there for 99p but P and P is £4.00.

Now that is one HEAVY resistor!

They claim to work by inceasing the resistance in the ECU circuit that returns temperature to the ECU, thus fooling the ECU into thinking that the engine is at a lower temperature than it is, so the engine runs a little hotter.

Personally, if you want to do this you can simply go to maplins and get a range of resistors that will increase the resistance in this circuit marginely at a time and "experiment".

Dave - thanks for leaving the thread where it is for the moment.

E Bay Users Warning!!!!! - Malcolm_L
£70 for 10bhp!!!!

IMHO he feels stupid because he probably is!
E Bay Users Warning!!!!! - Dynamic Dave
I know this is not motoring related, but I would appreciate
leniency on the part of the MODs....

OK, but at some point later today this will get moved to the current \"I have a question\" thread. Done
PAYPAL e-mail carries Virus!!!!! - malteser
Yes - and disable the "preview pane" option in O.E.as virii etc can often activate simply by appearing in this function.
"Rude, crude and socially unacceptable"
Mobile texting ettiquette - Clanger
Since the beginning of this year I have been getting the occasional text which is obviously intended for someone else. The first couple of times I replied to the sender saying that they had sent it to the wrong person and they should resend. Does this happen to anyone else? Do you bother to tell the texter that their message has gone astray? Or do you just delete the message and ignore it? Answers on a postcard, please ...

Stranger in a strange land
Mobile texting ettiquette - billy25
depends on how urgent i interpret it as...if it was "x..meet me at hospital quickly", i would inform sender. if nothing more than inane teen text, just delete it!

New question please, Stamp duty - Pete
Understand there are some proposals for changes to stamp duty rules, due to come in at the end of this month. Can anyone throw any light on this please, as even the Solicitor I spoke with today, says that they do not know what is happening?
Thank you, Pete.
New question please, Stamp duty - Dwight Van Driver
Have a poke around

Looks as if change could be the result of Finance Act 2002 - do a keyword search of that Act and again have a good look round.

New question please, Stamp duty - Dwight Van Driver
B.B. and damn done it again DD
Ignore the dot after the tinyurl reference otherwise it will not come up.

New question please, Stamp duty - Mark (RLBS)
We never sleep !!

I fixed it.
is it time to come clean! - billy25
since finding this site (by accident)2months ago, i have found new standing down my local as something of a mechanical "guru",able to solve/pinpoint problems with "fellow followers of the hop's" cars. this i admit has earned me more than "a couple" of thankfull pints!.

now then..the dilemma!
as' i've to coin a phrase,"been standing on the shoulders of giants" and redirecting knowledge gained here,(for personal profit!)is it time to "come clean" and direct most of the computor-users in this direction,(they haven't found this site yet),............or...do i continue revelling in my new-found status?

(by the way i feel i owe you all a (virtual)pint.)
or is that just my sense of guilt showing.

New question please, Stamp duty - Pete
Understand that proposal is to increase Stamp Duty on property sale up to £250.000 from 1% to either 3% or 4%. Implication (repeat implication) is that this is being slipped in whilst attention is focused on the 2002 Act, as a stealth/windfall tax. It is said that the Chancellor will attempt to justify this as a move to curb rising house prices.

It is still not clear IF this rise in Stamp Duty IS to be instituted or not and it is implied, that official sources are refusing to discuss the matter in order not to draw attention to it.
Would welcome any further confirmation.
Thanks Pete.
New question please, Stamp duty - THe Growler
As a follow on to Pete's question: who pays the the stamp duty? Vendor or buyer? About to get rid of some UK property myself so hence question.
New question please, Stamp duty - RichardW
Lucky for you Growler, it's the buyer...


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
New question please, Stamp duty - Dwight Van Driver

A Statutory Instrument has just been published re Stamp Tax change coming into force on 1.12.03


if your interested (and can make sense of it)

New question please, Stamp duty - Pete
Hello Dwight.
Thank you for the link. Yes I am interested, no I cannot make any sense of it. As far as residential properties are concerned, it says that it is an ammendment but it appears to state the current situation. Will have to see if the Solicitor can make any sense of it.
Thanks again, Pete.
New question please, Stamp duty - hxj


Stamp Duty on property is being replaced by Stamp Duty Land Tax which comes into force on 1 December 2003, it has been well trailed and so I would be very concerned if a solicitor I was using was not aware of it as there are charges in the way that the duty is paid and details provided to the Inland Revenue.

As far as residential property purchases go there will be no changes in duty from 1 December 2003. If Gordon Brown wishes to change the rates these will be part of the 2004 Fiannce Act and will come in at the earliest for contracts exchanged on or after the day of the budget.
New question please, Stamp duty - Pete
Thank you HXJ. Now I am getting somewhere. Given the information you have provided, I too am concerned about the Solicitor, fortunately I am not employing him.
Thanks again, Pete.
Mobile texting ettiquette - PR {P}
I would (and have) sent 1 text saying its wrong number, if only to stop them sending any more!
Mobile texting ettiquette - SteveH42
I've got a similar query regarding texts. I occasionally get 'spam texts' offering various services - usually ringtones and the like. As my mobile doesn't even support changing ringtones I'm not at all interested and find the messages annoying. I've never given my number out to anyone other than friends so it must be the operators selling their numbers. Are they allowed to do this? I bought a new mobile about a week ago and when I registered I ticked the box saying I wanted my number kept private but already I've had a spam text on it. Is there anything I can do?
Mobile texting ettiquette - Welliesorter
...so it must be the operators selling their numbers.

Very unlikely.
Are they allowed to do this?

No. It's far more likely that the spammers are just sending messages to ranges of numbers that include yours. It's comparable to e-mail spammers sending to millions of possible addresses in the hope that some are valid. The difference is which ranges of phone numbers are potentially valid is publicly available information. www.ukphoneinfo.com is one (perfectly legitimate) web site that provides this information.
Is there anything I can do?



www.tpsonline.org.uk is also worth a try although I'm not sure whether SMS falls in their remit.

Mobile texting ettiquette - Clanger
The remit of the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) does indeed cover SMS spammers. Whether it's worth registering or not is debatable but registration has stopped unwanted offers of double glazing on the land line.

Stranger in a strange land
Rechargable Batteries. - Dynamic Dave
Does anyone know the reasoning behind rechargable batteries being only 1.2 volts, or multiples of 1.2 volts in battery packs, such as cordless drills, etc, but dry cell batteries (non rechargables) are 1.5 volts?
Rechargable Batteries. - L'escargot
I think it's just that the different chemicals used give a different potential difference. Nothing sinister.
L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
Telephone Scam - SjB {P}
"Oh no, not another hoax", as I was inclined to first react, or perhaps after all, pukka?

Telephone scam, whereby the phone rings with a recorded message saying words to the effect that you have won a holiday, and that you should press 9 for more details.

If you do actually press 9, you will be connected to a premium line at a cost of £20 a minute, and even if you disconnect immediately, the line actually stays connected for a number of minutes. Minimum cost, £100.

If you decide to stay connected, and listen to the entire recorded message, you will be on the line for over ten minutes, whereupon you will be asked some questions, held on the line a little longer, and told you have not won after all. Cost, £260.

These calls originate from outside the UK, so service providors cannot stop them.

So that's what I received.

Knowing how easily company switchboards have been hijacked remotely for similar purposes, it all sounds plausible, but I'd rather hear other people's experiences before worrying when the phone rings!

Telephone Scam - Welliesorter
Was this e-mailed to you? Are you posting the original wording or are you paraphrasing?

I don't see how you could be connected to a different number just by pressing 9.

It sounds like a variation on a very common theme. For something comparable see:




The basic rule is, if the message tells you to forward it to everyone you know it's definitely a hoax. Other tell-tale signs are citing supposedly authoritative sources (eg the name of a well known company, organisation, or news service) and lots of exclamation marks!!!!! The hoaxers rely on well meaning but gullible people to pass the message on. Some companies have rules against the forwarding of such messages because they can quickly clog mail servers and individual in-boxes.

On the other hand there are plenty of premium rate scams around as anyone who's received a junk SMS, inviting them to dial a premium rate number, will know. See www.oftel.gov.uk/consumer/advice/faqs/prvfaq8.htm#...S
Cordless Phones - minding the GAP - Pugugly {P}
Time has come to replace the rather creaky telephone system in PU Towers. SWMBO has announced that she wants a cordless system. I've read up a bit and found that some phones are GAP compliant. What is GAP ? Do I need it ?
Cordless Phones - minding the GAP - Welliesorter
I've read up a bit and found that some phones are
GAP compliant. What is GAP ? Do I need it ?

It's a standard that enables different makes of cordless equipment to work together. It's good to have because you can add handsets of different makes and models to a single base. On most digital cordless setups you can transfer calls between handsets and even make internal calls.

On the other hand, if you want more than one handset, it's normally cheaper to buy them as a set. You'll probably find that adding an extra handset costs nearly as much as a completely new (single handset) phone.

Digi Boxes - NitroBurner
Anybody know what is the best one to buy? What are the differences between them all? Do some offer more channels than others? How much do you need to spend on one?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
Cordless Phones - minding the GAP - Pugugly {P}
Apart from Which (i checked that out) is there a site that compares these things ?
Cordless Phones - minding the GAP - Dwight Van Driver

Seems you have forgotten Copernic?

Plethora of information but mainly geared to US
Search " Cordless telephones comparison"

Cordless Phones - minding the GAP - Pugugly {P}
Thanks for the help. PU towers telecoms have now been dragged into C21 with a new cordless system by Binatone (Which Best Buy).
Copernic was in use on my old system but not this one. May now re-install. Thanks for the reminder.
I have a question Volume 22 - malteser
Two questions!
Will the Aussies stop Pom bashing and eat crow now England have won the R.U. World Cup 2003?
May we English now be allowed to GLOAT!
"Rude, crude and socially unacceptable"
I have a question Volume 22 - THe Growler
'ckin oath mate, this time but what about the cricket?
Advice - budu
Off the point of motoring I know, but can anyone recommend for computers a site as useful and well-organised as this one?
Advice - HF

I have in the past used www.quicktech-usa.com

It's not quite like this site (nothing is), but I have found that you can post a query, and members will email you back very quickly with practical advice.

Might be worth a try.

No-one needs to mention that in fact that site must be utterly useless, since I still have all the technical savvy of a less than averagely intelligent plank of wood.

Advice - Leon on Derv
Cant think of one which has a discussion forum as active and as effective as this one.

As this is the "off the subject of motoring" thread, if you provide some specifics on what you are after I may be able to help.

Alternatively e-mail rightclickcomputers@btinternet.com

Advice - smokie
Some of the PC related newsgroups are quite helpful sometimes, but they do suffer their fair share of idiots too. There are quite a few microsoft newsgroups for specific product info & support, and also some more general pc hardware groups.

I can only think of one site which is as useful and controlled as this (which I am saying is a "good thing") but that is a rather specific site which is only much use if you own a TiVo PVR...just in case you do here it is www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/
Freeview set top box - drbe
Does anyone know where I can obtain a list of programmes available on Freeview? I can get a channel list by pressing menu, but that doesn't tell me what is actually on - or going to be on If the worst comes to the worst I could always buy a magazine (Radio Times type) I suppose!

My thanks in anticipation - as they used to say.


Don drbe
Freeview set top box - Pugugly {P}

Works for me.
Freeview set top box - smokie
There's a wonderful computer based product called DigiGuide which can help you with finding and scheduling your favourite shows. it costs about £7 pa IIRC. You can try it for free for 21 days or so.

Freeview set top box - Welliesorter
I used to use Digiguide but I decided that even the modest annual fee wasn't worth it when there's www.radiotimes.com which can be customised if you register.

Bangkok - Altea Ego
Ok peeps. On my flight back from Aus in the new year, we stop over at Bangkok. Gets in at 6:00am flies out around Midnight. Sooooooo this means I have a full day in Bangcock.

What can I fill this time in with? How easy to get from the airport to wherever? anywhere good to eat?

Before the more seemy suggestions crop up, Papa will have Nicole and young (14) Jaques with him.
Bangkok - THe Growler
Send the brood off to the floating markets and the jewel factory and mosey on down to Soi Cowboy.
Bangkok - Jim M
After customs as you enter main exit hall go to Limo desk and book good air con car (taxi outside can be small and not too good). Tip - passenger should tell driver to use toll ways as are quicker but passenger pays toll it's not much.
Suggest head for river use hotel boat landing (Shangri La is OK and nice hotel just walk thro) Catch "long tail boat" very noisy but great fun. Have trip up river and see sights ask boat driver to drop you off at flower market not obvious you walk thro other market to get there lots of flower etc (100 roses for 200 baht) catch tuck tuck (great fun noisy and great experiance of eastern mega city traffic)to Peninsular Hotel for afternoon tea (peace and tranquility and see how much money some people wear!!) Use hotel boat and catch mono rail to shopping center (new can't remember name) on Sukumvit (has Channel, Louis Vuitton etc real stuff not fake). When finished shopping walk up Sukomvit (one of the great roads of the world where you can buy absolutly anything your hearts desire but most people just buy fake goods.
Direction to go is towards Landmark hotel (side street numbers reducing they are called Soi's) Soi cowboy is on right parrellel to Sukonvit further up Sukomvit and behind landmark is Nana plaza, Nana plaza and Soi cowboy are girlie areas but walking by is OK with no major hassel and not offensive so wife and kids should be OK (threatened to sell daughter to bars if she did not behave!!) Good food good people catch taxi back to airport.
Bangkok - Jim M
Aternate tips for Bangkok.
Hello - Swadicap said my male Swadica said by female
Thank you - Cop koom cap said by male, cop koom ca said by female
Do not smuggle "friends" into hotel get them to leave ID card with security, may be small charge at reception. Security will call room when friend asks for ID and check you are OK and not asleep and relieved of you valuables.
Have been told by "decommpressing" offshore drilling crews that Viagra and alcohol is quite an experiance can buy in Pharmacies but check not fake (hologram on packet).
Alway treat everybody with respect, the volume of you voice and facial expression is very very important. No is "meow cap" or ca.
Loud drunks will get the same treatment they get everywhere in the world, so stay in control and smile, if not you will be relieved of all your valuables and deserve it. The Thai people are wonderful if you treat the right I worked offshore Thailand for a year, they have just got a bad reputation from western tourists - the type you see hanging around the bars.
Growler lives in the best place, ignor the crowd and go to Manila or Cebu you will have a better cheaper time and everybody speaks good English.
Jakarta is also great fun - ignor the press, just show respect
Singapore - way too expensive but everything works "Disneyland with the death penalty" and sanitised lifestyle.
KL - spectacular buildings and infrastructure, a country going places.
A final tip "treat a Lady like a girlie, treat a girlie like a Lady" and life will be good to you.
Sorry if this sounds like a lecture but I am tired of seeing obnoxious westeners abusing good people who are only trying to improve their life.
I have a question Volume 22 - THe Growler
Today is my daughter's 21st in UK.

8 days ago I ordered a bottle of champers and a hamper of goodies to be delivered yesterday, order placed via the internet with a certain company in Scotland and confirmed with order number etc etc (ok Ok I know the risks in embracing the concept of the internet combined with UK culture where service isn't even in the dictionary....)

Today it has not arrived. My daughter is disappointed and I am infuriated. The so-called supplier's line is perpetually busy. I want (a) FOC delivery of the items I ordered as a gesture of compensation (b) removal from my charge card of the charges incurred.

Needless to say I shall not pay these incompetents one centavo but I would like to know where I stand regarding suing this outfit for loss of enjoyment etc etc.

I have a question Volume 22 - smokie
I had exactly the same with an florist which subscribed to Interflora, while working away from home. It was SWMBOs birthday, a special one, and I wasn't popular for being away, but it was difficult to get out of.

Not usually being one for flowers, I decided to send her a huge bunch to surprise her.

I was curious why she hadn't thanked me when we spoke during the week; when I arrived home at the weekend I found the place hadn't sent them. Looked like I'd just forgotten the occassion.

They offered to send them immediately (pretty pointless a week after the event) but did not offer any refund, or any other goodwill. I managed to get my money back, that was all.
I have a question Volume 22 - THe Growler
Follow-on: I jammed up this company's fax machine with messages written in large Pen-Tel, and finally got a phone call. AS ever it was from the classic pimple who reads everything off page 101 of the Manual, has no initiative and less smarts than my pet cockatiel.

It's not our fault it's the delivery company's (now I KNOW I'm talking to the UK service mind-set). No we don't monitor all orders until final delivery, we're too busy. Actually it's late here and I was about to go home when I saw your fax (Well good on yer mate because it's 3 in the morning HERE and lucky for you I'm still up). If you cancel the order now, blah blah refer to out terms and conditions, etc etc. OK now hear MY terms and conditions. Get a pen and paper and WRITE THEM DOWN. You will deliver those items FOC tomorrow and you Scroggins will be personally responsible for getting them there. Failure to do so and my lawyer will on your case and your company's name will be everywhere my limited influence can put it to make sure others know of my experience with your pathetic excuse for a service company.

We shall see what is the outcome. What gets me is the culture of it's not my fault, I didn't know, look at the small print, you're the problem by even complaining........yet again I know why I live where I do. Grrrr!

If anyone wants the name of this outfit of drongos, email me and I'll be glad to provide it and perhaps save someone else some elevated blood pressure.

How to correct e-mail address - wemyss
When putting in a password or e-mail address to connect to sites such as Utilities, the first time you do so it asks if you want windows to remember it for the next time to save you typing the whole address.
And of course once you put the first letter in it shows up in a box below and you simply have to click on it.
On one of my utilities I entered the wrong mail address and saved it and I had spelt it incorrectly.
Each time now I have to correct it.
Does anyone know where it is saved and how to remove it to start again?.
How to correct e-mail address - billy25
it will probably be stored on the utilities server, if it's an address you registered to access the site, probably have to contact them and ask them to change it at their end. you could probably re-register with the same utility using a different screen name and password.

How to correct e-mail address - GolfR_Caravelle_S-Max
On Internet Explorer...
Internet Options
Content tab
Personal Information box - Click on Autocomplete
then clear the "forms" for when you start to trpe an Email address or surname or town name to be cleared,
or "Clear passwords" to - well, clear all saved password.
You will have to re-enter the passwords for everything else as well..
How to correct e-mail address - wemyss
Thanks Alfa, Had never seen that before and I am in the process of making sure I have all the personal names etc I need before I clear them.
Reading the help on this item does make you aware how much info you have available for any hacker. Perhaps the default settings for saving passwords and names should be left unticked at the time of installation.
Coincidentally I was only reading my banks small print books last night (sad I know) and one of the requirements of internet banking stated words to the effect that the user must not store passwords etc on any electronic storage medium by which I assume means computers.
How to correct e-mail address - Baskerville
It's not a good plan to store passwords on your PC, especially banking passwords. What if you get burgled? Scrote then has access to your bank account and a lovely Christmas was had by all.
Plumbing - CM
Question for those of you who know about plumbing.

In one of my moments of saving money, I bought a washing machine without a fluff filter. The result is quite frequent flooding as the overflow pipe gets blocked with fluff.

Is there anything practical that can be done or am I going to have to buy a new machine? I don't want to get a new one really as this one works perfectly well (but I suppose the water has damaged things on the floor to about half the price of a new machine already!!)

I would call a plumber out but they are too unreliable and expensive
Plumbing - helicopter
CM - where are you. The last time this happened to us the local washing machine repair guy came out and fixed in less than 1/2 hr.
Cost £25 - look in yellow pages under washing machine repairers - do NOT go to a plumber , particularly those with the big banner adverts in yellow pages - how do you think they pay for them -Rip off merchants one and all.
TV Licence - topaktas
We do not have a TV, and we haven't had one for over 11 years. But we do have a small machine, originally designed for educational use, which plays videos and shows them on an integral screen. We rent videos from the local Blockbuster, and we have some of our own.
Our video player is coming to the end of its life, and we want to replace it. Our local TV repair shop has suggested we buy a TV/VCR combi, and they will remove/disable the TV tuner because we absolutely do not want to have TV. However they have also said that we ought to have a TV licence because someone could record TV programmes for us which we could then watch. Seems a bit far-fetched to me, as well as highly unlikely.
Any BRs out there care to comment?
TV Licence - Stargazer {P}
When you buy a TV or video the retailer is bound to hand your details to the TV licencing people....you will then be on their records as having a TV or video (ie equipment capable of receiving a TV signal) without a licence.

I have seen many years ago someone was pursued for a TV licence and after much hassle was excmpted because his video was never connected to an ariel....but this was many years of hassle.

I would contact the TV licencing people before buying anything.
Perhaps they have information on their website




TV Licence - billy25
if you have any reciever designed to recieve broadcast t.v signals,whether working or not, you are required to have a licence for it. you do not require a licence for a playing machine without this capability. a video player is different to a recorder in that it doesn't require an ariel input.forget the dealers recommendation that you buy a t.v/video combi, as even with the t.v tuner disabled you will need a licence. i would suggest that you just get another video player.
Plumbing - billy25
don't know what make you have(not that it really matters)but the overflow pipe is only there as a back-up to the main pump-outlet. as you say it blocks regularly with fluff,it suggests to me that it is being forced into use more than it should be. i suggest that you open the pump housing(usually three spring-type clips)and have a look to see if there is anything in there that is impeding the pump operation (coins+bra wires are usually the favorite offenders).the only proper way water exits the machine should be via this route,and not by the overflow.

Plumbing - CM
Billy, its a Hotpoint.

Sorry I think that I didn't make myself clear. The water leaves the machine OK via the outlet pipe which has a U shaped piece that I slip into another (standing) pipe that goes (via some U bends) into the drains. Its the U bends that get chockered and flows back out onto the floor.
Plumbing - matt35 {P}
Twice in the past ten years I have had this - in our case it was blocked in the s bends by using too much soap powder - left a residue like concrete.
You might shift some of it with one of these drain tools where you turn a handle on a long flexible thingy - do not waste money on drain cleaning liquids.
Plumbing - billy25
right...that sounds better!!
as the water is leaving the machine through it's 3/4inch pipe (or whatever it is in mm)o.k,it suggests your pump is o.k. problem may be in the design of the "waste "system,is it dedicated to the washer alone,or is it shared with other appliances,(dishwasher/sink etc),which could be emptying into the system at the same time as the washer?.
ideally, the "waste" should be 1.5 inch diameter pipe,with the open-end(where the washer pipe enters)at least 30inches high,before the first u-bend.a good 12inches of washer outlet should be inserted into the waste pipe.it is hard to see why a 1.5 in pipe should block,when a 3/4 one doesn,t!!.are there any obstructions on this route p-traps etc?.

Plumbing - cockle {P}
My mother had the same problem soon after she moved with a machine that had been used perfectly well at her old property so immediately decided to investigate the waste system. Her problem turned out to be quite simple, whoever had installed the waste pipe had cut it to length with a hacksaw and left swarf all round the diameter of the cuts, the swarf promptly snagged the fluff etc and slowly built up to a complete blockage. Remedy was a hour or two to dismantle, clean up edges with a sharp knife and a bit of wire wool and reassemble, not had another problem in eight years. Worth a look I would suggest.

Help, please, from computer people? - HF

I am desperate,

I have been trying to sort this problem on my own but it just keeps coming back. (Trying to bolster own image in thinking that I could actually sort something out!)

I'm afraid this is going to be a bit long - and mercifully for you all I will probably be timed out. But I still haven't mastered that method in 'Announcements'.

Ok, a week or two ago, we suddenly lost internet access. The only thing that I had done which could possibly have changed anything was downloading 'System Mechanic'. That really was the only change I had made.

Thence on, everything was screwed up, we had no internet access, nothing.

I reinstalled Windows, and it worked, for a day and a half. Then it stopped again. I reinstalled Windows again, and also (in the meantime) had obtained another copy of AOL (my server) 8.0 to reinstall that too. I did that, and initial results were fine. Then a day and a half later, internet access ceased again. Same error ,messages as before.

Installed it AGAIN!! And all fine until today.

However - the only reason I am able to post to the BR tonight is that I have had to reinstall my very old original version of AOL. I did the new one twice and all I get onscreen is the WAOL has detected an error......' and lots of codes which of course I haven't a clue about.

The computer was working fine earlier, because without trouble I was able to access the BR. However, this evening my eldest has been on MSN Messenger, and I was wondering if this could have had anything to do with it?

Anyway, I am currently back on the AOL version that I had when I first found out that computers exist. Tis the only way at the moment to get into this site!

If anyone can offer me any advice, help, or indeed anything else in this then I will be eternally grateful. I just don't know what I can do that I haven't already done. But then again........ oh and PS - the System Mechanic thing I thing I might have used wrongly and deleted stuff that I shouldn't - but then again when I deleted System Mechanic it didn't go - not completely, because it makes itself known on my start-up screen.

AND, in my Control Panel, suddenly 'repair Internet Explorer' has gone.

Tonight, all things having been fine for a few days, I tried to log on -[ just error message - and in the end I installed both Windows and AOL again. And yet it would not accept it until I went back to the ancient AOL6.0 rather than the newer 8.0.

So currently I am using an ancient system but am in fact glad that it allows me access here!

But if anyone can tell me what I've done wrong, or what I need to do - I would be most grateful.

Many thanks in advance - unless no-one answers - in which case I will become crazily abusive.

In any case, really grateful for any hints, but not really expecting any, because this is just bizarre!


Help, please, from computer people? - Godfrey H {P}
Hi HF I can possibly help you but I need to get more detail and ask some questions. In order not use up HJ's bandwith and bore the backroom silly please contact me by email if you would like some help.
Godfrey H
Help, please, from computer people? - RichardW

Do yourself a favour - dump AOL and use another ISP - it will (probably) be cheaper and you don't have to install software that takes over your entire machine and screws everything up (as you are well aware!). You can't be that computer illiterate if you have managed to re-install Windows!


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Help, please, from computer people? - kennybase
I hope that this has been sorted but if not - I have found that getting updated Modem drivers is what AOL 8 requires. Its all very strange set up which is why I don't use it, but a friend had almost the same problem, which was resolved this way.

Hope this is of some help :-)

Help, please, from computer people? - HF
Thanks Godfrey, Richard and Kenny.

Richard, you're not the first person who has suggested I get rid of AOL! Trouble is, I have an awful lot of emails stored which I need to keep, and dedleting AOL would get rid of them all - so that really is a last resort to me.

Kenny - no it's not sorted yet, can I download a new Modem Driver from the internet? Although what's strange is that AOL 8.0 worked for a while, so I think it may be me that caused the problem rather than AOL itself. Still, anything's worth a try!

Will post if I have any success.

Help, please, from computer people? - RichardW
I am not au-fait with AOl's mail handling, but I am SURE it will be possible to extract / save the e-mails somewhere clean AOL off your machine and start again. There are probably numerous websites that will tell you how to do this. Hmm, but catch 22 as you can't get on-line to find out. A conspiracy, per chance?????


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Help, please, from computer people? - HF
Ah, but happily not as Catch 22 as you think.

I can get online-ish, using my old AOL 6.0 account (that's how I'm able to access the HJ site).

I'll have a search around and see what I can find.

Thanks Richard.

Help, please, from computer people? - No Do$h
Unfortunately AOL only keeps stuff in its own format. You can back-up email when you un-instal AOL but you can't then copy your emails into, say, outlook. Likewise you can't use outlook to manage your mail with AOL.

I was one of the Beta testers for AOL8.0 (unpaid guinea pig, in other words) and found it to be very stable after the first couple of beta releases. Certainly not aware of any modem problems.

HF, which version of Windows are you running and what modem do you have?
Help, please, from computer people? - smokie
Regarding saving old emails...

Set up a new ISP then email the emails to yourself at your new address....

Another tip...to back up smallish files "off site", mail them to your own web based email address... Zipping the files up first (e.g. the contents of My Documents) will often result in much smaller and manageable files
Help, please, from computer people? - RichardW
Good one smokie. Might take a while on dial up though. I also thought that you should just be able to copy the text and then paste it into notepad or similar - probably need to make a spreadsheet or database so that you can search for the file ref for an e-mail you want to view.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
Plumbing - L'escargot
In one of my moments of saving money, I bought a
washing machine without a fluff filter. The result is quite frequent
flooding as the overflow pipe gets blocked with fluff.

I don't think it's connected with trying to save money. My recently purchased Hotpoint WMA76P is second from top of the Hotpoint range (at Comet prices) and (much to my surprise) this doesn't have a fluff filter either.

Are fluff filters a feature that some manufacturers have now decided (in their infinite wisdom or otherwise) can safely be omitted?

L'escargot by name, but not by nature.
Plumbing - wemyss
CM, As the water is leaving the machine and the flooding is coming back out of the 42mm (normally) waste pipe there is nothing wrong with your machine and obviously the waste pipe is causing this.
The washing powder blockage suggestion is a very likely one as I have seen this myself.
If they are push in plastic pipes and trap simply pull them apart and clear out.
And as mentioned the vertical part of the pipe must be at least 600mm above the floor..
Plumbing - SjB {P}
If I want to make 'milky coffee' I do so in a mug in the microwave, rather than have a scummy saucepan to clean afterwards.

This works fine, apart from if I use one particular earthenware mug. If I do, the mug itself becomes scorching hot (and then some), whilst the milk inside never gets more than a few degrees above how it came out of the fridge! Then is nothing obviously odd going on, such as would happen with sparks if putting a spoon in the microwave, for example.

Out of curiosity, does the earthenware likely have a metal content, or is something else afoot, please?

Many thanks!
Plumbing - wemyss
Don't know the answere to that but I have a set of mugs from Portugal and they are also as you describe.
Is it perhaps a denser type of clay used or fired differently?.
Leaking Radiator - StuW
Hello, while under the slight influence of alcohol of the other night with a few friends i managed to throw a dart into a radiator which sprung a small pin hole sized leak. What is best and cheapest way to repair? Will some sort of sealer from a DIY place work?
Leaking Radiator - Altea Ego

I can picture the scene!

Right you need to isolate and drain said radiator. You then need to dome the area in a bit where the hole is. Clean it up with emery paper round the hole. Push filler (plastic padding or you can buy special stuff to seal leaks from the DIY). Let it harden, rub it down so its now flush with the rad profile (thats why you domed it in a bit, paint it and refil with water. Provided you pushed it hard into the small hole, it will have expanded inside the rad a bit and wont pop out.
Leaking Radiator - billy25
car radiator? or central heating radiator?
assuming it's a c.h radiator,and you didn't throw the dart at it very hard, it sounds like the radiator has "worn" thin,(no corrosion inhibitor in the system?).
as these systems usually run at about 1bar pressure, i would suggest you replace it, as it may of been on it's last legs anyway. if you want to try to seal it, you can get a filler paste, or in system sealant from most hardware outlets.

Leaking Radiator - wemyss
No Billy more like half a bar in pressure. Renaults idea sounds OK although in a works situation a spot of braze or weld would be the best solution.
Another feasible diy solution although it would look a bit rough is that if it was on a flat piece of the radiator you could drill through and put a self tapping screw with a fibre washer and then paint over it. I hope you got a deserved rollicking from the lady of the house?.
HF's Computer issues! - PoloGirl

Just a tiny thing - are you running windows XP? I know it hates AOL 7, and few of my friends said that it wont talk to AOL 8 wither. Looks like 6 might be your only option for now, although I think in later versions of XP it doesn't have the thing that disagrees with AOL so maybe there is an upgrade you could download.

I also did the back up of the PFC on AOL when I had my laptop repaired, but it's a heck of a fiddle to get everything back where it should be!

HF's Computer issues! - HF
Hi PG -

Thanks, but no, we're only on Windows 98 (which also hated AOL 7.0!).

I'm currently trying to back everything up and start again, but your description of the PFC backup is somewhat ominous!

Still, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do...
HF's Computer issues! - Mark (RLBS)
Check whether or not AOL 8 & W98 are compatible. I suspect not.
HF's Computer issues! - nick
I'm pretty sure I ran AOL 8 on Win 98 ok, the odd crash but I think that was more 98 than AOL. It works fine with XP BTW, the free pop-up stopper works brilliantly for me.
I rate AOL, if everything is configured ok and it works as it should, it is a very smooth and friendly system. Compared to BTOpenworld and Supanet, it is wonderful, especially the email.
HF's Computer issues! - Cardew

I also have run AOL 8 on Win 98, ME and XP without problems. AOL 9 also works well on XP amd ME.
HF's Computer issues! - No Do$h
AOL9.0 isn't out in the UK at the moment. It's in Beta testing and taking quite a while over it too. Seems to be a fairly fundemental rebuild rather than a patch or two on AOL8.0

There seems little similarity between US and Euro releases of AOL.
HF's Computer issues! - HF

Thanks for all the replies - sorry, I seem to have missed some of them over the weekend.

I have a list of various checks and steps to take, kindly provided by a BR member, which I am slowly going through. Also, I will follow Smokie's and Richard's advice re backing up emails and files, although I have no idea how to make a spreadsheet or database. It's about time I learned, so I will make the time to sit down and RTFM.

In the meantime, I am now writing this from AOL 8.0 with no problems, so I think things may be on their way to being sorted out.

Thanks again.



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