Advice for my Dad please! - PhilW
My Dad is 80, has owned a Peugeot 309, J reg, from new, now 80,000 miles, no rust, never failed MoT, used mainly for trips to Tesco (to buy wine in bulk for the discount!) and church on Sundays. Car has been making horrible grinding noises after it starts (starter not disengaging?) He went to his trusted garage who advised him that even if it was not the starter (flywheel?)and was a worst case scenario it would cost him a maximum of £400 - engine or gearbox out, new flywheel or whatever. He wondered whether he should get it done or think about a new car. I've advised him to get it done and (since his trusted mechanic/garage is retiring in January) to also get them to check everything else - cambelt, boots on drive shafts, discs/pads etc. Clutch was done last year (he tends to ride the clutch). I thought that buying a new car, especially since his licence runs out next year and he's not sure he will renew it, would be a waste of money, and for the price he was thinking about (£2000) he would end up putting profit in someone's pocket for something not as good as his old 309.
Am I right?
Advice for my Dad please! - GTLK
Your right!

Spending £2K on a car when you don't need to is a waste. Get the old one repaired. Your dad knows the car, doesn't need to find the position of the controls so will drive more safely.

Advice for my Dad please! - Vansboy
Usual answer for a car this old would be to scrap it.

In this situation, best let the garage you trust do their stuff. With the proviso that if the bill were to start looking as if it might just start getting higher,your dad wouldn't end up parting with his £$£$ & still have lots more to spend again, soon.

Hope the mechanic has polished his crystal ball!!

Advice for my Dad please! - hillman
Better stick with what you know. Your Dad seems sensible enough to realise that a £2000 car can still be a bundle of trouble. Also, he would not have to start learning a new set of controls.

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