"New" Ford Escort - clariman
Not that new, but i saw an X registered one today - X48 *** - that must be a record similar to the "new" Maestros (A) mentioned on an earlier thread.


(A) I never even knew thay actually made Maestros new ;o)
"New" Ford Escort - Wales Forester
If you think that's new, I saw a '51' plate Ford Escort estate back in August while my car was in for work at a Ford main agent.

I thought that it was so odd that I even mentioned it to the service receptionist who didn't seem to think it was anything out of the ordinary.

I've also seen a '51' plate MK2 Mondeo which also looked odd.


"New" Ford Escort - r_welfare
I know some people buy a very late example of a discontinued model and tuck it away to be registered at a later date - I've personally seen a B-prefix MGB roadster and an N-prefix Mk2 Golf GTI. Surprised that there would be someone doing this with an Escort though! I've personally seen a V-reg car, but they still did the van until recently I think...
"New" Ford Escort - Miller
Plenty of X & Y reg examples up here!
"New" Ford Escort - Wales Forester
If i'm reading this right, Dagenham Motors have 2002 '02' plate Ford Escort Finesse run out models for sale.


I think I'd be buying a car supermarket Focus for that money!

\"New\" Ford Escort - Wales Forester
This link is better; atsearch.autotrader.co.uk/WWW/cars_search.asp?chan...= Full Postcode&miles=40&max_records=50&modelexact=1

"New" Ford Escort - Chas{P}
I actually worked at a dealership where previously a Triumph Stag sat in the showroom from 1977 to 1984.

Consequently an 'A' reg car was registered and Austin Rover honoured the 12 months warranty.

I have seen the car since in concours competitions.
"New" Ford Escort - jc33
Ford did actually continue production of the Escort for a good few years after the Focus came out (not sure exactly how long) so they're not all run-out models...
"New" Ford Escort - Chas{P}
Ford continued to build the Escort until September 2001.

Therefore it is quite possible to see for 51 reg cars and vans to be around. I have seen some BT and Royal Mail Escort vans about on 51 plates.
"New" Ford Escort - Liverpaul
Charles is right. They produced both the flight and finesse models towards the end. The flight had a few extras over base, but the finesse was fully loaded (for an escort) with toys as the main run out model.

"New" Ford Escort - king arthur
Escort vans only went out of production in 2002. Saw a load of white ones being disposed of at Blackbushe a few weeks back on "02" plates in a Bank of Scotland sale.
"New" Ford Escort - Blue {P}
Stacks of X plates about where I am, have't seen many Y plates, and have never seen a 51 plate, but I wouldn't be really suprised if I did.



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