Porsche Carrera GT *Videos*! - BaseRSXmanual

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Porsche Carrera GT *Videos*! - BaseRSXmanual
You mean to tell me nobody has a comment about that incredible video!??!?
Porsche Carrera GT *Videos*! - No Do$h
Give me 6 minutes to download it on broadband and you can have a comment.

Trouble is, most posters in here are rumoured to access the site from work and can't d/l stuff......
Porsche Carrera GT *Videos*! - No Do$h
Took a little longer as the second one you posted is bust. A bit of digging and I found the right site and have edited the link on your post.

For some reason, the guy in the first video is grinning, whilst revving the knackers off a Carrera GT in the pits. Can't think why. The Porsche technicians look a little wary....

As for the second one, blimey! Worth the download for any petrolhead.
Porsche Carrera GT *Videos*! - BaseRSXmanual
LOL I would like to see anyone on here not grin when revving that beast! And I think it is the best looking Porsche made yet! ;)
Porsche Carrera GT *Videos*! - Ian Cook
....And I think it is the best looking Porsche made yet! ;)

I nearly agree with you - except for the 550 of about 1955. They had one on the Porsche GB stand at Eynsford this year and it stole the show for me.

Ian Cook

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