Focus gearchange.......... - Mickey Dora
Anyone help with this one? I own an '02 Focus 2 litre zetec (non esp) bought from Ford Direct, now with 18,000 miles on the clock. My problem is with the gearchange and more specifically, probably the clutch. Even with great mechanical sympathy while changing up or down in the lower gears it comes in abruptly with a clunk. With the windows down a metallic "clack" is easily audible. This makes in town driving a real pain and it almost feels as though there is play in the driveshafts although this is not the case. The clutch thumps in as soon as the pedal starts its travel back and this really takes the pleasure out of driving this otherwise excellent car. I asked the local main dealer to dignose it but while they freely acknowledged the problem they said they could not be certain of the cause. They were unwilling to check it out under the warranty as it potentially meant a gearbox-out job. My previous car was a Focus 1.8 and the driveline on that car was beautifully smooth.
Focus gearchange.......... - escort man
Not sure why it does this, but the same thing happens on my escort....Audable "clunk" when the clutch is engaged pulling away in 2st gear, and changing from 1st to 2nd. It does not happen going up the other gears, or coming down.

Only way ive found to stop it is to be very careful when changing gear, making sure not to dip the clutch to far (ie not to the floor) and to bring it up very smoothly, matching the engine speed with a bit of throttle just before it bites.

Anyone got ant ideas, not that im too worried...... 1992 escort.

Focus gearchange.......... - escort man
"pulling away in 2st gear" shoul read
Pulling away in 1st gear !!!!

silly me!.
Focus gearchange.......... - Manatee
Had what sound like similar symptom on an Orion of the same vintage many years ago - it was a real hard clunk. The main dealer pronounced "nothing wrong". My practical brother pushed back on the engine and announced "this engine mount's broken"! Every time you let the clutch in the engine just twisted until it hit the frame. Could be worth a quick check.
Focus gearchange.......... - Richteo
I have exactlty the same problem on my escort, a 91 model. I'm sure its caused by the gearbox mount being worn as I stuffed the gap in the mount with a hard pencil rubber (I know this does it no good!) and it cured the jerk/noise until it came out of place. However, the vibration through the body shell was bad. Ford want about £60 for a new part, the local scrap yard say they are all wrecked by the time they get them and my local motor factor can't get them. Anyone know a reasonably priced source?

Focus gearchange.......... - Andrew Scott
Whilst perhaps sympathising with the dealers problem of diagnosing the cause, this cannot be an excuse for not fixing the problem.
In their sales talk dealers talk of Ford Direct Cars as being the cream of the used car market.
I believe the car would anyway be covered by the 3 year Warranty offered on all UK supplied Fords.

I suggest you contact Ford Direct, or try another Ford Dealer, dealers vary!


Focus gearchange.......... - Mickey Dora
Thanks to all for replies,good luck Richteo! There is no problem with the engine mountings as far as I can tell.
Thanks Andrew Scott for your advice which is sensible. My local dealer has said that they will look at it again at the next service but that is six months away and I don't wish to wait that long. The car is well in warranty but the dealer said that Ford would not agree to the cost of the inspection as it is potentially a big job. (It probably dosn't help that I bought the car out of town as our dealer could not compete with Ford Direct "up country") So I will try and E-Mail FD HQ and see if they are any help but won't be holding my breath. This problem does not appear to be a typical Focus problem which dosn't help. If I get any joy I will put it on this thread for your info. Cheers All, MD.

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