Does this make sense? - moonshine
This is further to another post regarding a court appearance for \"road tax dodging\".

I\'m representing myself in court (solicitors don\'t seem to want the business)and to help with my confidence on the day I\'ve produced two documents to assist me. One is a graphical representation of the timeline and the other is what I intend to read out from.

If anyone would like to have a look I would really appreciate some feedback. I went to havering court on friday to sit in the public gallery but the court was closed (another days leave wasted)

Anyway the only easy way I could think of sharing the docs was to setup a temporary email account.


You can then read the email and download the docs (they are virus checked by hotmail as you download)

If anyone knows a better way to share excel and word docs please let me know.


Nervous and worried John
Does this make sense? - M.M

Took the trouble to have a look at this for you. Just one worry, couldn't anyone here go into this mail account and change the docs?

They are fine as a record of events as you see them. But I'll play the cynic for a moment because the guys in court will.

I have far more parts receipts than you for my car over this period..and mine has been used daily!

You go to great lengths to show you didn't insure this car but were covered for others during the period. The fact you didn't insure it doesn't prove you didn't use it on the road.

Lastly after all this time, apparently off the road, you manage to get it out and running in a matter of days. Despite knowing the insurance certificate hadn't arrived, and therefore that you would be unable to tax it, you then use it for a car show...hardly life or death. Perhaps it shows a lack of judgement or respect for the proper procedures that may be in keeping with a person who might have used it on previous occasions when the need arose??

Have you no record of the mileage the week you laid it up, that might be a powerful bit of evidence if it showed it hadn't moved.

Anyway you sound a reasonable chap and if you play it as DVD advised I think you'll get away with the minimum(ish).

Good luck,


Does this make sense? - moonshine

The email account only has a copy of the docs, the originals are on my PC. Thanks for taking the time to look at the docs. You've done exactly what I was hoping someone would - take the role of the cynic and try pick holes in my account. This should help me be more prepared for 'awkward' questions.

None of the 'evidence' that I have can prove it was never used on the road - as someone else pointed out "unless the car was under 24hr surveilance"

Maybe the lack of parts receipts shows that it wasn't being used and therefore didn't wear out and needed no new parts?

It was the cambelt failure that prompted me to take it off the road, the car was already in good condition and just needed tidying up. Once the cambelt was fixed I then moved on to the comestic work. That's why I was able to get it 'up and running' in a matter of days. In fact to get it on the road I didn't have to anything other than take it for the MOT.

The fact that I used for the car show does imply that I may have been tempted to use the car before. The difference is that I used it without road tax, if I used it before it would have been without tax, mot and insurance - which is more serious? I think MOT and insurance is FAR more important than road tax - although it seems the courts don't see it that way.

I don't have any record of the mileage when I took the car off the road, all I can prove is the mileage covered in that period and I have no way to prove that the mileage was clocked up when the car was taxed. Although I would hope that common sense would apply.

Thanks for reveiwing my notes, I think you came up with some great questions.



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